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Wrath Expansion, Cyrx Review: Helljacks


Today I will take a detailed look at the new Cryx Helljacks that have been released within Wrath. If your wondering about my thoughts on the Character Helljack Erebus, click here to see that article.


 Compared to the other new Cryx Helljacks, the Scavenger seems to be an unusual evolution of the standard bonejack(light Helljack) design. What do I mean by this? If you look at the other two Helljacks(Malice/Desecrator), they seem like a natural progression from their original forms. Malice, being a character warjack version of a Reaper and the Desecrator, which is a variant based on the standard Leviathan Helljack. Both perform similar roles to the Helljacks that inspired them, more or less.


The Scavenger is a completely different beast compared to it's original Bone Chicken design. Not only does it not have an Arc-Node, but unlike many other warjacks it actually can fly. Now I understand why they decided not to stay within theme and give this Bonejack both Flight and an Arc-Node, that part is pretty obvious. However, lets take a moment to think about the "what if" shall we? Would this Bonejack fly up as fast as possible and create an auto-win caster kill...Not really if you think about it because this warjack would still need to remain within the caster's Cntl area. Therefore, couldn't we conclude that this Bonejack would not be able to fully utilize it's speed. If thats the case, where would Flight be a real benefit? I suppose it might of had the potential to be over-powered, mostly because you could fly behind enemy lines and Arc spells into the warcaster, or laying down clouds of doom(pGaspy).

But, in reality the Scavenger only has fly so any dreams of Arcing-fun are soon dismissed. What it has instead are the abilities Sprint(which can be handy) and Finisher(situational at best). I am not saying the Scavenger is a useless model, I believe that any model put into the right list and combination can have a place in a winning strategy. The problem with the Scavenger is that it offers some neat small tricks, but not enough to cement it in an already crowded Helljack environment.


They might as well called Wrath the Accumulator expansion, because it seems like almost every faction has recieved a War(Hell)jack that gains an extra focus from a friendly nearby unit. The Desecrator gets this in the form of his [Bane] Accumulator, which basically gives him a free focus for being around Bane units. I find it strange however, that this unit is trying to achieve a combined arms approach. It is not really a ranged specialist, although the gun it is packing can laydown an AoE 4 corrosion cloud that remains in play for a round. It has a fairly decent melee chainsaw at PoW 17 that has all the usual abilities that chainsaws have like Critical Shread. So we basically have a short ranged Helljack that has a decent AoE attack and is ok in combat. Combined with the Accumulator you get some free focus, which is always a plus. This goes without saying, but it also retains all the normal abilities of it's original model the Leviathan, like Steady and Amphibious. 

I can see some potential synergies with the new Iron Liche Overseer(Cryx Support Article), like being able to stay stealthed, Jack-Marshalled, and feed free focus via soul tokens. More on that later. Lastly, I don't mind the direction Privateer Press took with this Helljack, it has some potential uses and could be effective in certain lists/combos. The downside to this jack is that it is fairly pricy and needs a decent combo in order to get the full value back. The only concern is that it will most likely get overlooked for more universally independant Helljacks, like the Seether, Slayer, Deathjack, Nightmare, and......


Like most of the other Warmachine factions, Cryx has also gained a new character Warjack that was released several months before Wrath. What they got was a very interesting take on a Reaper character Helljack. He performs very much like a Reaper on the battlefield, but since he is also a character, theres certain special flare he brings to the table. 

Malice performs exactly the same way a Reaper does on the tabletop. He uses his Harpoon weapon to drag enemies out of formation into undesirable situations. The trick though? He gets to hit the enemy model back, and if it is a Warjack with a functional Cortex, you can basically take over the warjack for the rest of the round. Guaranteed, you need to have a soul token in order to achieve this, but Malice starts the game with one already, so this is not a problem. Lastly, in addition to being able to collect soul tokens, Malice can actually gain extra armour for every soul token on him. The number of combinations with Malice and the Withershadow Combine are nearly endless, resulting in some free Cryx Helljacks. An awesome looking Helljack with some neat tricks for newer and older players alike.


Well considering the theme for Halloween is going on(was originally :p) the theme for Cryx this week is Trick or(and) Treat. The Scavenger relys on it's own speed to get into key locations so that it can potential finish off damaged models with it's Finisher ability(Treat) and run away from potential coutner-attacks with Sprint(Trick). The Desecrator utilizes it's medium ranged AoE gun to laydown a corrosive cloud that only affects your opponent(Trick). Lastly, Malice is able to Trick your opponent all day long, by pulling key models out of position and getting tougher with souls(Treat). Afterwards using those same souls to take over opposing warjacks and causing havoc everywhere.

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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