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Weekend Round Up, November 5th, 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....


100 TWITTER FOLLOWERS AND THE CONCLUSION, plus some other real life stuff and explaining why I have not written in about over a week and just been talking on twitter and not actually writing content when I should and etc....Oh yeah and why there has been no weekend round ups for like forever man?

Link to the original article here
Words can not express how thankful I am that not just one person, but a 100 people have gone out of their way to follow me on twitter. I see it as a wonderful beginning for what is yet to come, and hopefully I can continue to follow my dream of creating a place where people of similar interests can come together and discuss all things...well nerdy :)

So in honor of reaching 100 twitter followers, heres my gift and present to all the wonderful people I have met this year...

I also have another special announcement. If you have been reading most of my recent tweets, I have been working alongside a long time friend to create a new podcast. While I still enjoy writing and creating reviews, I feel that audio content would complement the site very well.

I am hoping to buy some startup equipment this winter so that we can put our new show up sometime in the following new year. I would like to go into more detail about the show, but there are certain elements that are still undecided. However, heres what we have so far...


Welcome to Nerd-Curious, the Podcast for all your Nerd-Curiosities. Every week we will be discussing what makes us 3-Dimensional people. Everything from Tabletop Wargaming, Video Games, Books, Movies and Webcomics, are open for discussion. Call it the Intro to Nerd-Life, so to speak.


Truthfully, I had originally wanted the Cryx article content to go up during Halloween, however I soon found out that one of my key assignments(which I thought only had to be 6 pages) instead had to be 12 pages in length. Got to love small fine print eh? So instead of going out early and finishing the articles during Halloween, I had to spend 2 days writing, expanding on what I had already talked in great detail in those 6 pages. Not an easy task. Now I have this awkward schedule now that forces me to finish these articles during my final exams this week.

Oh and because of the way my semster is scheduled we finish our finals in less then 4 days and then move onto the field experience work for most of November. Needless to say it has been a stressful last few days and thankfully I have a little window to write some content before things get nuts.

So as a direct result once the Cyrx content goes up it might be a week before I post again. Sorry for the short notice, just have not had the time or will power to write hours on end.

Oh and to put it simply with regards to why there has been no Weekend Roundups at this moment in time. I just have not found a way to incorporate it properly into the new format for the site. When I have more time I will continue to do them, but at the moment I just have had too much to write in a very short amount of time.

Expect some future surprise to be instore though, as we begin to work on creating this podcast in the coming months. Feel free to leave suggestions on topics or software/websites, to help speed up this process. As always thank you for your time :)
As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for additional reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or join my Facebook Group, so that you can showcase your own models or artwork. You never know, they might just be showcased in a future article.

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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