Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wrath Expansion, Khador Review: Support


This review has been along time coming and unlike me the elite of Khador are stoic and relentless. Let's take a look shall we.....


Is a unit attachment that can be bought for a Battle Mechanik unit, granting them a variety of interesting perks. The BMO becomes the officer for the unit and if memory serves me correctly this also means the unit gets to use his amazing repair skill of 9. His presence in the unit allows your battle ready mechs to repair their boiler bound brothers, the Man-O-Wars. Mow's in my opinion are a really interesting choice, they basically perform the role of a light warjack for Khador, because they do not have any. So having a way to repair these guys in combat is pretty unique and helps to set Khador apart as a faction. The last key element to the BMO is that he has a Lash ability that prevents friendly warrior models close to him, from getting knocked down. Keep in mind they have to stay in B2B though.

An interesting choice for Khador, but I guess if you want to take him there are several important aspects to consider. Are you taking any Man-O-Wars already? Is the extra points cost worth it in the end, in an already expensive army. Also is the Ua actually providing a valuable role, or is he just there for the one time the MoW's fall down?


The Wrath Expansion has added a variety of interesting new elements to Warmachine and the Kayazy Eliminators are no exception. The KE have taken a Khador spin on the whole ninja formula. So instead of a whole unit of six, the KE are basically a master/student sized squad. In a typical Khadorain fashion, this unit is all about being more efficient They are almost identical to the Daughters of the Flame in abilities and stats, but with some key differences: Duelist, Gang, and Combo Strike. Combined with Iron Flesh this unit could have a Def of 20 in combat...ouch. Mind you, they already have stealth, but still...thats pretty valuable. Several real disadvantages they have however include a much lower armour value. The zealot they are killing in the picture has higher armour compared to them. Not to mention there is only two of them and if an AoE scatters onto towards there general area it's all over. A viable option for any Khador general that wants a bit more speed in there list or loves using Kayazy units already.


Like the other Ranking Officers, Valachev allows one merc unit to count as an in faction Khador unit. Considering Khador has a variety of powerful upkeep spells, it makes sense to take Valachev if you are already taking mercs in your army. While not as limited in merc selection as the Protectorate, Khador still does not have as much selection compared to Cygnar. Also consider the fact that Valachev is also a character, which means you can only ever take one unit with him. Valachev has a variety of interesting abilities that can be used to support his unit with, but the most significant one is Zephyr. It's a star action that allows you to move your unit an additional 3 inchs ignoring free-strikes. I can not express enough, how powerful an ability this can be...When used with a ranged unit, this basically allows you to gain a few extra inchs on your attacks.
If you choose a more melee focussed unit, you can use this ability to slip around defending models to get at the support. There are nearly endless tactical purposes for using this ability. Unit's like Croe's Cutthroats and Nyss Hunters can get a lot of mileage out of this model, but even units like the Hammerfall High Shields could use Valachev to surge up the field, while in shield wall. Steelhead Riflemen, are able to shoot at their opponent's and move away to prevent a counter-charge. If you love mercs with your Khador, why are you not taking this model?


The overall theme for Khador in the Wrath Expansion is Speed and Explosive Firepower! The new support options in the faction for most part add to these ideals, with the exception of the Battle Mechanik Officer. Valachev is able to make his unit more mobile and effective on the battlefield; while the Eliminators are pure alpha strike goodness!

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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