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Today's Roll, 26/10/2011


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Today's topic will be a bit different compared to the other Halloween articles that will be released this week. Instead of talking about a news releated item, I will instead talk about something that was a rather significant moment in my life and for alot of other people around the world as well...

 ...Today I will be discussing the Beast of a Thousand faces.
But what do I actually mean?

For the purposes of this article the BoTF, is not related to a current range of miniatures or piece of fiction. Instead, it is an allegorical representation of that one monster in our fantasties that occurs in our everyday life. It's that one aspect that exists within human nature, our own cognitive thinking. It's a combination of all the worst parts of human behaviour that exists and continues to plague our very existance. It's a beast that survives in a variety of forms and takes a different form to every individual. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to discuss my own personal Beast of a Thousand Faces. It's an everyday occurence that happens often and is an issue that is close to my heart and on my road to become a teacher, it has only strengthened my conviction to defeat this horror. What is it you ask?...Well to put it's bullying.

So....So many kids/students/parents/brothers/sisters....people have been affected by this epidemic. Sure it might not be a disease, but it has such an effect on the youth of today that I am suprised that it is not considered an outbreak.

To give you a bit of background information about my own history with the topic. Like alot of people I have had a pretty normal life. I never really got bullied as a kid or even as a high school student. I participated on school sports teams and did good in school, but not amazing(lol). However, there was one chapter in my life which was rather hard and challenging as I moved into a new school during the end of the primary education years. I lived outside of the city and as a result I had to go to school in another small town. The school had small class sizes and roughly only about 300 students in total at the school. Now for some mysterious reason, I still can't really understand even today. The other students in my class(size: 16 and a combined class of two grades) never really accepted me into the class. I was the new kid, the city boy(although I lived on a farm and raised animals?) I was the athlete that was good at basketball and chess? What's wrong with that? Maybe, they just couldn't handle my breaking of stereotypes or this loveable quirky personality   :p ?

At any rate, for roughly about 2 years the other kids in my class did the usual stuff: tease me, poke fun, bad mouth my mother and of course pick fights. Being the true badass back then I was not going to put up with their BS, so I did what any right minded kid did back then. I fought back...Needless to say there were many nights where I had bruises and sob stories for my folks. It's not that I didn't have any friends at the school, I's just that they did not want to get involved. Once I finally went to high school, things have thankfully gotten significantly better :).  I am proudly on my way to become an primary school teacher; while I will admit that I am better off because of it, no kid should ever have to get beat up so that it "Builds character". Since when has getting thrown into walls or getting singled out ever been a positive motivator in life?  

But what was the point of this article? Well I attended an anti-bullying lecture today and they showed me a video that I thought was just heart breaking. If I can find it I will post the link below, it's a bit dated now, but the impact this news story had on me, just reinforced my own beliefs. Bullying can be even worse now with the latest form of Cyber-bullying.

If you want to get involved with some positive change that is happening on the internet or would like a site that has tons of resources for dealing with bullying, make sure to check out which has some fantastic resources. It's the little things that make all the difference so make sure to be a positive influence out there!

What is your own personal Beast of a Thousand Faces? Feel free to share in the comments section below this article.

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Adam Tremblay

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