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Today's Roll, 25/10/2011


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Amnesia The Dark Descent is by far one of the most frightfilled games of the past decade. You think Silent Hill 2 was scary? Or perhaps the very first Fear game? Well needless to say Amnesia has these games beat in several key areas, the most important one being atmosphere.

Without giving away the story of the game here is the premise: you have lost your memory and are travelling around in a dark and foggy castle. You have no weapons; the only tools you have at your disposal are matches(which are used to light torches) and a lantern which is your only form of portable light. Both of these resources are limited and are crucial in order to prevent your character from going insane. Which reminds me...your character can and will go insane, if you stay in dark areas too long or stare too long at a monster...which reminds me, since you can not kill these monsters the only option left is to run away and avoid them at all costs.

You have to hide in cupboards and under tables in order to avoid them, but the longer you stay out of the light the more insane you get and they lock in on your location. The funny contrast is that if you are in the light they can find you easier anyway, resulting in this epic game of cat and mouse that is both terrifying and well....terrifying.

Here are some of the youtube videos that I found about the game, and they are from the usual sources. But, needless to say pretty much display my own fear and paranoia. So sit back and prepare to get a new set of pants. Enjoy      l:->

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