Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Roll, 24/10/2011


*(Today's Roll) includes a vast majority of topics: from news, table top wargames, movies, video games and general life stuff that comes up each day.*

**It's the blog part of the blog....I guess.**


A real quick update, this week will be Halloween week! I will be releasing all of the Cryx wrath review articles this week and also all the Today's Rolls will be Halloween themed across Tabletop Wargaming, Movies and Video Games. I am a bit stretched for time (Thanks Final Exams!!) So it might be a little slow going at first, but hopefully I can release all of the content on a regular basis. Because of this there will not a Today's Roll article on the same day as a review(Unless of course I can find the time :). Otherwise stay tooned for hopefully an interesting week.

As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for additional reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or join my Facebook Group, so that you can showcase your own models or artwork. You never know, they might just be showcased in a future article.

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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