Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's Roll, 21/10/2011


*(Today's Roll) includes a vast majority of topics: from news, table top wargames, movies, video games and general life stuff that comes up each day.*

**It's the blog part of the blog....I guess.**


Not a whole bunch to talk about, except for one rather significant topic. Pretty soon my Twitter account will reach 100 followers, and to some people this may seem rather minor or insignificant.

Boy,...They couldn't be more wrong! I started writing articles a bit over a year ago, not expecting any sort of acknowledgement. I was and still write all my articles for fun and that has always been my main goal. If I was not having fun or was no longer interested in what I was doing then I would have quit this blog along time ago.

It started a little bit at a time, first I was on Rankings Hq writing articles about my local tournaments and my own model collection. Eventually I started writing more indepth reviews and discussions towards popular armies and even complete book reviews. I branched out onto the War and More website and started up my slow going movie/video game reviews; which I am wanting to get back into. I have also struggled recently to update every weekend, because life and university have gotten in the way(As they Should).

Wait what was I talking about again? lol. During my time writing I have been constantly boosted up by the small praise that similiar minded people have given me. This lead me to create my Twitter account and more recently the War and More Facebook Page. I tend to say this alot, but I truly never expected people to really enjoy my articles. It was never supposed to be something that was to be taken seriously. However, everytime a new follower joined up I just wanted to provide more and more. Thus the name of the site was born. I might seem a bit more random then usual; it is mostly because I am really thankful for all the support.

I have so many dreams and goals that I want to achieve with this site and future content. I have the drive and determination to accomplish them, but what I lack is experience, knowledge and understanding of newer technology. I want to eventually expand into recorded audio content, because I can only express a certain extent of my personality into my reviews. This will include a podcast, potentially youtube content( I want to find a niche first), and possibly create a community that will allow like minded people to gather around from all corners of the globe.

Although I am currently a student going to university in order to get a job, I still have my own goals and hopefully with enough time and money I can make it a reality. Like I said before, it has never been about the money, but instead for my passion for pop culture and table top wargaming. If I could continue to have fun, write and produce even more content...all the better.

Anyways, in honour of having 100 Twitter followers I have designed a special piece of artwork, that will  be released soon. I will wait for the total to reach 100 and then release it on War and More and the War and More Facebook page.

Until then I have all my previous artwork on yesterdays roll article, so make sure to check that out as well.

As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for additional reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or join my Facebook Group, so that you can showcase your own models or artwork. You never know, they might just be showcased in a future article.

Till Next Time 

Adam Tremblay

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