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Today's Roll, 17/10/2011


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As a Canadian, I can understand that there might be this stereotype about us loving our REALLY LOVING it...None of this oh yeah eh we sure love ooour sport. More like: What are you doing right now? IS IT HOCKEY!!! I will gather up the boys and we will hit the rink; afterwards we can all grab a Tim's coffee as we head off to the sports store for no real reason except to politely flirt with the good looking yeahh.

On a more serious note :).....

I have had hockey in my life for a very long time, but not directly. Sure I played a floor/ice hockey game every once in a while, but nothing really official or pro by any standards. Having two family members thats played various levels of the sport, I had no real interest in watching on the side lines. For me, it's one of those sports/games that you really need to play in order to get any enjoyment out of it. I have been to some of the popular local games, but again I never really enjoyed sitting there with the raging parents or rather friendly drunks that are almost always at these types of games.


I had never been to a National Hockey League(NHL) game, or anything similiar. But since I now live in good ole E-town, I have the opportunity to go see a game.

When we got to the arena, we soon found out that our tickets ended up being for the game not this week, but two weeks from now. Having to get new tickets(which there was only 3 left btw) myself and company ended up being split seperated. But being the Maverick types, my mother decided to sneak a little closer to the rink.

So we somehow managed to sneak real close to the rink, and fortunately we managed to watch the rest of the game at our new spots. In the meantime my brother and dad, managed to get into a company box seat(Randomly met some old work friends), but I still think being able to see the slush fly into the player's face's was a better trade off IMO.

I had always seen these professional games on Tv, but there is nothing like watching it in person. With the roar of the crowd and fluid-movements of the player's it was really a site to behold. If you have ever been to a professional game of any kind you will know what I mean. The best part about watching it in the arena though? It's actually cold, meaning the several thousand people's body heat does not stink up the joint.

I suppose I still have those other tickets as well...I guess there will be time to see the rematch in 2 weeks. :D

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