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Today's Roll, 07/10/2011


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League of Legends is a game that I dont have alot of experience actually playing. But for some rather odd reason I seem to keep getting told about this game and how awesome it is. Originally inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients(Dota), League of Legends has expanded on this amazing new genre in gaming.

I don't know a whole bunch about the in's and out's of LOL. I am basically the average Joe when it comes to this game. I look at the gameplay amazed and inspired, but dumb-founded. So here are some of the instructional/gameplay videos I found on youtube. There was not alot to choose from, mostly because of the poor audio quality or the lack of actual interesting commentary. If you thought wargaming was opinionated, you have not seen anything yet.

(Warning....60 mins long, use the link above so you can watch at your leisure)

More Total Biscuit....ok I tend to enjoy Total Biscuits commentary more then the actual LoL content, but this video was still fairly entertaining

Lastly, I have a video from a new comer to the LoL scene, a fairly popular video game reviewer named Angry Joe. His thought's pretty much sum up my feelings about LoL....hum now if I only knew how to play?

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