Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Roll, 05/10/2011


*(Today's Roll) includes a vast majority of topics: from news, table top wargames, movies, video games and general life stuff that comes up each day.*

**It's the blog part of the blog....I guess.**


The site has been up for several months now; I felt it was time to expand so that more readers can comment and read my material. Having no original ideas I decided to do what even my local grocery store has done. Create a Facebook Page.

There are several important reasons that I have done this and in time I hope to see them come to pass. Heres the important advantages to having a Facebook Page:

-Fans of the page can post pictures of their models/armies and have them showcased in a Today's Roll Article.

-If you have a website or youtube channel(Keep in mind it has to be: Wargaming, Movie, or Video Game Related...if not your out of luck,) you can post your stuff on my page. It could also help if you liked the page as well :).

- I Love concept/fan art, I has always been my goal to create a community so feel free to show off your talents. The only restrictions of course is that it has to be something Wargaming/Movies/Videogame related, but subtle popculture jokes are acceptable. If you are not the owner of the artwork/picture though make sure to get that individuals permission first. According to the Terms of Agreement from Facebook.

The Facebook Page is in a Beta phase at the moment, so feel free to comment/suggest on changes that can be done to it so that I can create an awesome page for everyone to read.

Have a wonderful Day (HawDy)!


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