Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Roll, 04/10/2011


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The long awaited spiritual successor of Id Software's "Doom" and"Quake" has finally arrived. Now in my early days there was Mario and then Doom, very different and for a good reason. What do they have in common? Well they are both games that my older cousin had and played, I however was too young to own or play either, until much later. Getting back to the original question, what do they have in common? Doom and Mario are very violent...yes very violent. Doom had you destroying demons and monsters alike, but Mario had you... Stomping on turtles? Squishing mushroom men and then dropping Bowser (Known as King Koopa, back in da-day) into a pool of lava. Now compare this to the violence that now exists in our tv/games/shows today it's... Heck it's practially laughable. 

But that was then, and this is now... Here's several videos that I found that explore the latest entry of the legacy of Id Software  

*I can not seem to upload this one, but make sure to check it out*

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