Monday, September 26, 2011

Wrath Expansion, Khador Review: Warjacks


Today I take a detailed look at the new Khador warjacks that have been released with Wrath. If your wondering about my thoughts on the Character warjack Black Ivan, click here to see the article. Let's take at a look at the heavy metal forces of the Motherland...


When I look at this warjack there are somethings about this it I love and unfortunately dislike. Starting with the stuff I like: It can sport a very solid armour of 21 and has two fantastic ranged cannons. That are both AoE's and happens to have Gunfighter as well. Now the bad, this warjack loses it's armour bonus if it attacks; you know this will happen. It has two mini-guns, you are going to use them. Dropping down to Arm 17 for a 9pts warjack, is not a good trade off. It has the Bulldoze ability, but considering the slow speed of this warjack, don't expect to use this ability too much.


Is truly an amazing warjack. He is not only immune to most of the continuous effects in the game, but he can use both his ranged/melee attacks in the same activation. Virtuoso and Gunfighter, allow this model to make a real impact in any engagement. When he's not ripping into an enemy warjack with his chainsaw(substained attack), he can blast nearby troops with his Flamethrower. Heck! Why not do both in the same turn. He gains Pathfinder when he charges or if you want him to protect something he can lay down a smoke cloud. There is just so much utility that this warjack offers in any given game. He is expensive at 10pts, but he is very much worth his points.


The theme for Khador this expansion is speed and explosive ranged attacks. While none of these two warjacks are particularly fast(In fact they are rather slow at Speed 4), they do have explosive ranged attacks. The Demolisher can laydown some rather impressive AoE's, and Torch can use a Flamethrower in addition to his other attacks in combat. Although, Torch is not very fast, he can gain Pathfinder on his charge turn, which can really help any model; not to mention a Khador Heavy.  

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