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Wrath Expansion, Khador Review: Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf


Looking back at my predictions for some of the new Wrath Warcasters here. I was 50/50 with my guesses, with regards to the Iron Wolf. However, I was pretty wrong with some of my theories though. Let's take a look at what the Iron Wolf has to offer.....


Taking a detailed look at Hark, I have to say he is by far my favorite warcaster to be included in Wrath. Everything about his character just bellows awesome! Looking at his story, playstyle and abilities, Hark comes across as the true embodiment of the Khador war philosophy. He embraces several key Khador traits and some unexpected ones. Taking the durability and firepower of Khador warjacks; making them amazingly agile. He truly deserves the title "Iron Wolf", making Khador's warjacks sprinting horrors of doom.


Being accurately called "Hour of the Wolf", his feat really combines the best aspects of Khador heavy warjacks. Everything from getting extra armour, free slams, charges and getting to shoot before charging. CRAZY! Plain and simple this feat just adds so much for your battlegroup its just nuts.


Where to start? Well first there is Broadside... which combined with the feat can basically allow all your ranged warjacks a free attack, before they activate; charge/slam. Effectively giving your warjacks two ranged attacks. Awesome. The next spell happens to be Escort, which is very useful for: A) Keeping Hark alive and B) Speeding up your warjacks. The spell Jump Start, is there to basically keep your warjacks from falling behind or knocked down. The next two spells: Fortune and Razor Wind, have their uses, but are for the most part very situational. Fortune can make a warjack hit better, while Razor Wind seems like a pointless ranged attack that seems out of place. A fairly solid spell list that complements his role on the battlefield, which is further enforced by the fact that most of his spells are range "Self"/"Ctrl".  


Not too many abilities, but the ones he does have are extremely useful. First theres Field Marshal, which gives off Pathfinder to your whole battlegroup. For a faction that lacks agility and speed, this ability is a god-send. The next couple are on his weapon "Minister", which includes Beat Back and Critical Stagger. Not that you will want Hark fighting tooth and nail, but he can which is always nice to have, especially in Khador.


A truly amazing tier list, not because of the models included. Instead it's a result of how simple it is to collect. Hark really loves his warjacks, so being able to take practically anyone is good. Although, if he could take the Behemoth and his tier, might have been too over powered :). The next part is that it's pretty simple to get all the levels of the tier cheaply. At 35pts you can get all the benefits which includes making your warjacks cheaper.


So what if I told you that things only get better? All thanks to probably the best character warjack in Wrath...Black Ivan. The first key element to BI and Hark's amazing synergy, is the affinity ability. Plain and simple BI gets free boosted ranged attack rolls. Considering the gun and the number of shots he gets from Hark's feat/spells, BI is an extremely focus efficient monster...<3 Combine this with abilities like Dodge and Bulldoze, he can really be annoying for your opponent to deal with. Lastly, his melee weapon the Bear Claw can tear into tough models like nothing, making this model a complete terror on the battlefield.


The best part of playing Harkevich, is that his complexity is in the simplicity of his playstyle. He is very streamlined in terms of having to remember what spells to use and what models to take. However the tricky part is in the pudding so to speak. Since his list can offer a very aggressive melee warjack approach, you may be tempted to build his list around that strategy. But there is also strong potential to take ranged warjacks also, like BI and some of the other ranged warjacks. The trick will be trying to find a balance or focusing on a particular plan of attack.


1- Warjacks, warjacks and warjacks with range, This is the reason your taking Harkevich, The "Iron" Wolf.

1- Take Black Ivan, more so then compared to other character/warcaster combos. It's not everyday you get free boosted ranged attacks and with such a powerful gun/feat/spells, it just makes sense to take him.

1- Take the mercenary solo Sylys. Like I have said in previous articles, Sylys allows you to upkeep a spell for free. Considering that Hark has several key upkeep spells, logic would dictate taking him. Forget Siege and Reinholdt, say hello to Harkevich and Sylys, Santa Claus and his trusty elf...too much?


0- Taking a variety of infantry. Infantry are not bad with Hark, it's just that he does not support them. So unless they can be self-sufficient like Winter Guard or Iron Fang Pikemen, probably take more warjacks

0- If he can dodge a wrench. He can dodge thousands of bullets. Probably not. Make sure to watch out for those pesky Cygnar Defenders or Hunters, because man nothing wrecks a Khador heavie's or Hark's day like a bullet to the face.

0- Focus starved. Like alot of the other Wrath warcasters, Hark only has 6 focus. Now he is alot better at using it then others, but he can still end up using it all; leaving him with nothing. Try to take warjacks that get the most use from his abilities, so that you can really make each focus count.


Well the theme for Khador in Wrath is very simple...Speed and Explosive Ranged attacks. It's about marrying these two extremes so that Khador has more than simple durability to win them the day. Taking these two dynamics that existed before in Khador, but are now further explored.

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Until Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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