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Weekend Round Up, Sept 5, 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....



Well where to begin...This week has been pretty hectic, being the big move to the University after all. Unfortunately I was not able to finish writing my other articles, not to mention there was tons of exciting news to report last week with regards to tabletop wargaming. First off there was the release of the new cover for Hordes Domination, which I have already talked about here; not to mention the unexpected early release of the New Ogre Kingdoms book (Which I managed to snag on my way out of town :).

Also if you are a regular Rankings Hq reader, you would have heard about the RHQ name contest for their weekly segment. Well it turns out that your's truly happened to win the contest...The chosen name: Dice Down, is fairly significant for a variety of reasons. As a tournament based website, it made sense to pick a tournament themed name. Considering the website is mostly a tabletop wargaming rankings system; that Dice Down is the term that is used to finish a tournament game, it just made sense. Lastly the name is symbolic, because it represents taking a moment out of your busy hobby week to put the dice down and enjoy a video.

Heres the announcement video

I managed to win one of those awesome shirts, hat, and 5 engraved RHQ casino dice. They will be coming in several weeks, so it will be interesting to see them in person.

In other news, the weekly schedule will be a bit different, now that school is going to start in a few days. I will be going back to my 1-2 articles a week(Not including Roundups or Re-Rolling 6's) I will try to do 2 movie and 1 Video Game reviews a month. The majority of the articles will be based around the Wrath Expansion reviews, and in sometime the Ogre Kingdoms First look article, which will be followed by a full review.

Now some people might be wondering: "What about your Orcs and Goblins Review"? No I have not forgotten about it, the problem is when I did my first impressions article I had the luxury of not  having to own the book; I was not sure if I would go in depth with my reviews. It was not till much later, the Tomb Kings review in fact, that I decided to expand on my written reviews.  So the O_G review will come, once I find the time and of course the book. It would be wrong to not give it at least the same, if not more attention then the Tomb Kings review.

Heres what you can expect this week, if everything works out:

After Game Movies: The Secret of Nimh. lol, I will hopefully find time to write it, there just has not been a free moment; considering the film is older then me, it's not the most anticipated feature film to get reviewed. Although you might be surprised by what I think of this film...

Wrath Expansion, Khador Review: Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf. We are just about half way done the Wrath Review; to be honest I have struggled to write about the Khador section. Mostly because out of all the factions I know very little about the in's and out's of the faction. That won't stop me, though as I talk about possibly the best themed character in Wrath?

Heres some quick pics of my new crib, so to speak:

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  1. The secret of nimh review can be found under After Game Movies

  2. For some strange reason the article will not publish on the front page.


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