Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Roll, 22/09/2011


*(Today's Roll) includes a vast majority of topics: from news, table top wargames, movies, video games and general life stuff that comes up each day.*

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A fairly small collection this week, so why not discuss these new sneak peaks? Epic Hexeris, looks fairly solid. I really like the sculpt and potential for this model. There are no offical rules for this model yet, but after reading his current and newer fluff, he comes across almost as a full blown vampire. An interesting theme to take the Skorne towards. The Bombardiers are ok looking, but I am not really a huge fan of the shoulder pads. Lastly the Celestial Fulcrum, is very impressive. Although it has a rather static pose, the model is still very amazing and I can't wait to see it on the table top.

The objective markers are really detailed and are just eye candy. I should get some... Hum food or plastic...? Can I have both? You Decide....

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY'S ROLL, Make sure to check in again all week for extra War and More content.


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