Friday, September 2, 2011

Re-Rolling 6's, Sept 1st 2011

It's time to make that game winning roll. You pray to the Dice Gods and to Lady Averages. You throw your dice FTW!~!~ And it's a SIX!~ Too bad though....... it's stuck on your lucky penny.



I don't have a whole bunch of time to write this report, so it is going to be a rather quick one tonight. Just found this today on Privateer Press; I have mixed feelings about it..

Heres a really brief breakdown on it:

-It has Circle vs Legion; which is great to see since we have already seen what a Trolls vs Skorne cover looks like.

-Theres a variety of new models shown on the cover, which has me pretty excited. Mostly the Circle stuff, because of the Griffin Warbeast :D

-The actual battle is fairly unique, compared to other Warmachine/Hordes covers. Mostly because of the angle. A large part of their design template originally has one faction fighting on the left vs another on the right. Which is fine and I have no problem with that; it's good to see a different angle for a change. It does make it difficult to see the actual conflict though.

-The Throne of Everblight....yeah didn't mind the original concept art, but after seeing this cover...yeah not really big into it...[Insert Censor Blurs Here]

Also heres something I found a few weeks ago, but now seems like the right time to show it

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Till Next Time

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