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Wrath Expansion, Menoth Review: Warjacks


The newest additions to the forces of Menoth have been pretty impressive so far, but the best is still yet to come. Today I take a detailed look at the new Menoth warjacks that have been released with Wrath. If your wondering about my thoughts on the Character warjack Blood of Martyrs, click here to see the article. So now it's time to see what is in store for us up ahead................ 


This warjack adds quite a bit to the standard Menoth jack formula. For starters this warjack boasts an impressive Speed 5 and has Reach on it's main weapon. Now for most Menoth players that would be enough to cement this warjack into their roster, but of course theres more. The Cenotaph ability, essentially turns this model into a warjack version of the Reclaimer solo. What that means is a friendly model that dies within 5 inchs, gives this warjack a soul token that can be used for focus next turn. There are a variety of players that consider this warjack a 7pt jack that carries a 2pt Reclaimer solo inside it. While that is one way to look at it, heres the reality of taking a warjack with a Reclaimer. Normally you would take a really strong 8pt warjack like the Reckoner or Templar and have the reclaimer fuel the warjack. Now adding in the cost of the reclaimer; your paying more for the same effect. At 9pts, you get a warjack that would be a point cheaper and does not require a reclaimer. 

The Sanctifier, can be very focus efficient and when you take into account the Speed 5, Reach Weapon and the open hand for power attacks, this warjack is full of utility. Lastly theres the ability Exorcist, which removes Incorporeal from enemy models within 5 inchs. Taking in all of the before mentioned benefits, this warjack is a welcome addition to any menoth force.

Personally, once it comes out I will be trying it with my Vindictus and Reznik armies.


Like some of the other character warjacks to be released before Wrath came out, they find their place inside this book. On the interwebs, Scourge of Heresy has been getting alot of bad PR, and for good reason. While this warjack carries into battle two amazing weapons, The Punisher and Blazing Star. It fundamentally lacks Reach on both it's weapons and only has the slow of Speed 4.

Automatically, those limitation restrict how dynamic Scourge can be on the field. However, because I am a Glutton for Punishment(Bring it!~!~lol) I was determined to find a niche, or at the very least a role for Scourge to perform. Lady and Gents, I have indeed found it.... As a frontline warjack Scourge fails horribly for obvious reasons, but as a secondline siege breaker, he truly shines.

Here's the break down:

I only run Scourge with Vindictus, second I take Dartan Vilmon and an Exemplar Knight Seneschal. This tactic is a hybrid of a similiar strategy using Vilimon and another Paladin of the Wall. In my list the infantry units head forward to bog down the control zones, thanks to the movement buff of True Path. Then Scourge, a Revenger, Vilmon(Impervious Wall) and the Seneschal advance up flanking the warjacks. Vilmon acts like a speed bump, preventing direct charges to Scourge, then the senny charges in, hopefully slaming the enemy warjack/model, therefore knocking them down. SoH then, advances smacks the silly out of the opponent and the Revenger is there for channeling Defenders ward or fireballs :D. Finally Vindictus uses his spell Sac-Lamb to feed my warjacks a free focus a turn, I then leave an extra one on SoH for his Arcane Vortex, so I can stop pesky spells from ruining my day. It has a great psycholgical effect on the enemy. Nothing in the army can be targetted by spells, and the few that can are blocked by Arcane Vortex.

The last thing I can really say about the SoH, is that if you don't kill it in an Alpha Strike, it will beat you to a pulp; especially with the help of the Choir of Menoth. Suddenly it has two weapons with PoW 20 and 18, that hit on a Mat 9. I have had several games, where this model was just at half strength with one arm and Cortex left. Just to have it pummel the enemy to dust or critically damage them. At 9pts it is expensive, but if you can find a spot for this warjack it can work wonders given the chance.


The theme for Menoth in this release is board control. The Sanctifier, can gain focus from friendly troopers, while preventing enemy Incorporeal models from sneaking around your main forces. The Scourge can keep your key solos safe as you advance up the field as long there is focus left on it for Arcane Vortex. Both of these models add to numerous denial tactics that Menoth have, making it tough for your opponent to react to your battle plan.

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Until Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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