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Wrath Expansion, Menoth Review: Vessel of Judgement


The last of the newest additions to the forces of Menoth are here; of course the best has come at last. Today I take a detailed look at the new Menoth Battle Engine: The Vessel of Judgement that has just been released with Wrath. So now it's time to see what a giant crypt full of dead kings can do................


Man... that one guy can really pull.

But seriously, the Vessel of Judgement is a fantastic Battle Engine to see on the table top. Out of all the Battle Engines to be shown, this one was the very last to actually be released. Lets take a closer look shall we? For starters this beast is immune to fire which makes alot of sense if you look at the picture. It is a Construct, so no need to worry about senseless Command Checks. One really unique trait of the Vessel, is that a magical ranged attack is included. Being PoW 15 and Rng 12, it is fairly meaty at Rat 6. The ranged attack also has the benefit of Admonisher, which allows this attack to affect the nearest D3 models, within 5 inchs at PoW 10.  

Now the next ability is rather awesome by being called: Destructive Power. What it allows the Vessel basically to do is give it a free boosted attack/damage rolls. The catch however, involves the Vessel taking a damage point everytime this ability is used. The next set of abilities go under the umbrella term Holy Reliquary; everytime an ability is activated the Vessel takes D3 damage points. Also each of these abilities can only be used once a turn; mind you that they can be used at pretty much anytime. The first on the list is Cleansing Aura, which is just amazing by disabling all animi and continuous effects within it's command of 10. Fairly useful, preventing enemies from benefiting or inflicting certain aspects of their army onto yours. Very powerful against Hordes, more so then Warmachine. The second ability on the checklist is called Doors of Judgement; if a friendly warrior model is boxed, it gains a free full advance move(ignoring free strikes) and attack. To add insult to injury, the model counts as removed from play; so it no longer creates a soul token. Which is great against certain factions COUGH.....Cryx.....Cough. The last little trick on this checklist of uberness is called Eruption of Faith.

Which involves: A) Enemy models within 2 inchs B) Set on fire C) Pushed 4 inchs directly away, in the order of your choosing.


There are several significant points about the Vessel that have been said already on forums and other places. So here are some of the key points:

-In a faction that has the Choir of Menoth, which basically makes Warjacks immune to shooting and spells, the Vessel becomes a big target by being the only thing left to shoot.

-Being a rather large base size, the Vessel could be ideal for Warcasters that tend to draw alot of ranged attacks, Ex: Reznik, Amon, Testament.

-The Vessel is basically a ranged warjack, that does not require focus; can boost at anytime. If the enemy tries to go for control points, it can force them off.
-Spells like Thyra's Occultation, can allow this model to benefit from Stealth. While other's like Ashes to Ashes, can abuse the base size of the model; allowing it to affect a larger part of the board.
-The Vessel is a great investment at 9pts for it's strategic value alone; not to mention the base size. It allows focus starved Warcasters, to have another piece of kit that can be game altering. By not worring about extra focus.

In my honest opinion, while the Vessel can be a great model on the table top and can be game changing. I don't really find it so powerful to the point, where it breaks the game or even makes armies worry too much about it. While this monolith, has 24 damage boxes and 20 Arm, it can be taken down fairly easily, by any determined warjack. The other hit against this model, is that it will be taking damage in order to use it's own abilities. Vassal Mechaniks can help manage this, but are unreliable. This Battle Engine, is a fantastic alternative for a Menoth general and should at the very least, considered when making tournament lists. 


Keeping in line with this week's theme for Menoth, the Vessel of Judgement completely embodies the theme of board control. Everything about this model is about controlling a section of the board and forcing your opponent to make mistakes. It's ranged attack allows the model to be a constant threat; while it's abilities prevent infantry hordes from utilizing a section of the board. By just having the power to push models off objectives or out of Killboxes, allows this amazing model to be useful in competitive play. The added benefit of keeping your warcaster safe behind this massive model, is also fairly fantastic as well.

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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