Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wrath Expansion, Menoth Review: Support


 Today I take a detailed look at the new Menoth support solos that have been released with Wrath. So now it's time to see what the creator of man's warrior elite have in store................


The second Ranking Officer model that has been now released in Wrath. Like the other RO's, this model can be attached to a mercenary unit; making them count as a "friendly faction" unit. For Menoth players, there are some obvious advantages that help them more compared to the other factions. For starters, any soul tokens that are generated by the unit are counted as Menite souls. Allowing your Reclaimers to gather them up for free focus. Also Menoth armies tend to be more infantry focused then other factions; as a direct result a lot of the warcasters have tons of buffing spells. Spells like Inviolable Resolve, Defenders Ward, and Sacrosanct are some of the many examples.

Another unique trait of the Attendant Priest, is that it is not a character model; in fact you can actually take more then one. But the biggest issue the Attendant Priest has are with his choices in mercenaries. The selection is not bad, it's just that theres are very few options to choose from.

Here are two mercenary options that I think are fairly neat; should be solid combinations in my opinion. The first one involves using the Rhul unit, Horgenhold Forge Guard. If the priest uses his pray ability, he can give the unit a one round benefit; in a similiar fashion to the Choir of Menoth. He can give the unit Pathfinder for one round allowing them to travel anywhere. He can make their weapon's magical or even prevent them being the target of enemy spells. The base armour of the Forgeguard happens to be 16 and combined with their Defensive line rule, they can get up to Arm 18. However, combine that with a spell buff like defenders ward, then suddenly this unit is now Arm 20! Then movement spells like Crusader's Call or True Path can make this unit surge across the table. Not a replacement for the fantastic Menoth units that this faction has, but an interesting alternative for players that want variety.

The second combo involves taking the Press Ganger unit. This unit is fairly interesting, mostly because they have Tough and can gain a variety of benefits from Pirate Character Solos. First Mate Hawk can give the unit an Additional damage dice against other warrior models; while Epic Kreoss pops his feat. Giving the unit auto-hitting attacks, plus an additional attack. There are only a few options to choose from, but you really can find some neat combos.


Like the Scourge of Heresy, the Cleanser UA has had a lot of negative flak. The reasons for this are fairly easy to see; mostly because the model is very confusing to understand. The UA comes with the Bushwhack Order, a Minifeat and a Special Action. Not to mention the unit already has an Order in the form of Incinerate. This model can not use the Special Action and an Order at the same time. The Minifeat can be used at anytime, but the extended Range does not affect Incinerate or the Special Action. You can not use more then one Order at a time, etc. So as you can see, it can be fairly confusing. Bushwhack has it's uses allowing the cleansers to shoot first and then move away. Great for getting the unit away from an determined melee force. The Minifeat allows your sprays attacks to reach 10 inchs, but the PoW goes down to 10. When this is combined with Bushwhack the unit can cover a whole unit and then flee. Finally the Special Action allows you to lay down a wall of fire within 5 inchs of the UA. Now the direct comparison would be: "Why not use Incinerate instead"? Well basically the wall is 4 inchs wide; is the same diameter as the Incinerate AoE. The key difference is that you can just place the wall verus having to target a model and hope you don't miss. The other problem is you are giving up at least two attacks in order to use Incinerate. 

One key tactic is advance your unit up, laying down a cloud or a wall to prevent potential charges and then baiting the enemy in. If you lay a wall you can then pop the Minifeat, having your unit shoot pass the wall flaming the enemy. Once your unit is engaged, use Incinerate to clear troops or if it's only a couple models, use Bushwhack to shoot and then flee. I tend to use them in.....surprise my Vindictus list, mostly for the speed boost and multiple sprays.


The final solo to talk about and boy is she a good one too. For the first time, Menoth has access to their very own Solo hunter model. What I mean basically is that Nicia is able to get close, attack twice(Reach/Weaponmaster), afterwards due to Quick Work she shoots out of combat; then sprints away behind a unit. Now since she has Stealth, have fun shooting her down; she is able to jump around other models...amazing. Just recently I have exchanged the Exemplar Knight Seneschal for her; I have developed another tactic. As Vilmon is the living speed bump protecting Scourge of Heresy, she sneaks nearby waiting for an opportunity to strike. If a certain pesky elf solo comes to interrupt SoH, Nicia jumps into action(Thanks to True Path) hobo rushing that elf and beating her silly, shooting something else and then retreating back to the warjack. Got my revenge... :D. Take that! 

She is just amazing at killing support solos or UA's it's just crazy. Make sure to watch out once the model comes out. 

*Guess what..... SHE's OUT!!*


The main theme for Menoth in the Wrath release is board control. Well basically the Attendant Priest is there mostly for variety, but both Nicia and Cleanser UA add quite alot. While controversial, the Cleanser UA, adds quite alot in terms of board control for the Cleanser unit. Being able to lay down a fire wall, shoot then run or increasing the range of the unit's spray attacks; which all of thses add to this concept. Nicia is able to just fly around the board and kill any solo in sight, if thats not board control...I don't know what it is?

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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