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Wrath Expansion, Cygnar Review: Warjacks


The newest additions to the forces of Cygnar have been pretty impressive so far, but the best is still yet to come. Today I take a detailed look at the new Cygnar warjacks that have been released with Wrath. If your wondering my about my thoughts on the Character warjack Gallant, click here to see last week's article. So now it's time to see what old Nemo has in store for us this time................ 


Hummm you know, when I think of a Steam punk fantasy setting(Victorian Science Fiction) I don't really consider giant robots with jetpacks that launch grenades in every direction a part of that universe, just doesn't make alot of sense. With that aside.......MAN THIS WARJACK IS AMAZING!~!~!~ Long story short, this warjack can perform the following actions.
-Make a normal Full Advance
-Get a free 5 inch move
-Launch the Flak Field, damaging models in Base contact with a PoW of 12, and models in 2 inchs with an unboostable PoW 6
-All for 5pts

The only real concern I have for this model is that it lacks the Gunfighter special rule, which means it won't be able to use it's PoW 14 guns in combat. Why is this such a big deal? Well basically the guns have a Rng of 4, so you need to utlize your speed in order to pop in and get your shots off. But why can't you just use your jetpacks to shift out of combat; avoiding free strikes? In order to use that ability you need to make a Full advance which would force you out of the enemies Melee range; resulting in a free strike. This warjack is pretty average in combat, without his guns or bombs.  I would expect to see this warjack with any warcaster that loves jacks and speed, so Kraye comes to mind. An awesome warjack against infantry that has some flexability against tougher warjacks. Just a great warjack that can wear down the opponent.


This warjack is a different type of beast, compared to all the other Cygnar options out there. Most Cygnar warjacks fall into two camps: combat heavy choices like the Hammersmith and Ironclad, or long range support like the Defender or Cyclone. The Avenger is weird because it can actually walk the middle road, being a good combat and ranged warjack. Now it's not an awesome sniper like the Defender, no its rubish in comparison having only rat 4 and Rng 10. Is it great in combat, yes it is with a PoW 18 sword with the Stun continuous effect. But it only has one melee weapon with an average Mat of 6. The true strengths of the Avenger, lies in it's ability to field both types of warfare, creating shock and awe in the enemies ranks. Throw snipe on this model, bumping it up to Rng 14. When the enemy closes to contest an objective, start blasting the zone with your AoE 4 PoW 14 Seismic Cannon. 2+ to your Rat for standing still, boost to hit and on a direct hit all models in the AoE are immediately knocked down. Then in your turn, charge in with your counter attacking forces(or shoot away, it is Cygnar after all) and if you have to, the Avenger charges in damaging any heavy targets.

He might not be for every Cygnar general, but whenever you can knock down enemies with a range attack, it's hard not to try and include him somewhere. Mind you at 9pts it can be fairly difficult.


This warjack was released late last year, but has been given a space inside this expansion book. I have mix feelings about Triumph. I don't really know why, but I will try to explain.

The Good
- If it sits still, say hello to a 2+ to your Rat and the ability to ignore stealth.
- Can be bonded to siege.
- Spend a focus and BOOM, it's an AoE 3 now, at PoW 15.
- It has a shield, so Armour 20 for the win.
- Rat and Mat of 7.

The Bad
- It's only melee weapon is a shield.
- 11pts.
- Can be a focus heavy warjack, 1 for the AoE, another two for Boosting to hit/damage.
- All that for one shot? A Defender has the same gun and is significantly cheaper.

I find it difficult, because on paper its's easy to see where Triumph struggles during a match. However I have played against Triumph several times and every time I keep getting beaten down by his shield of denial, bwaaahh. Mind you, my opponent John tends to be an amazing general so it goes to show you that any model can work in the right hands. I think the cost to take Triumph is what will determine if you want to use him. He accomplishs his role well, but for that price tag in pts it's hard to say.


Looking at all three warjacks, I find it fairly easily to say which ones add the most variation and tactics for the faction. The Minuteman, without a doubt can be taken with nearly every Cygnar warcaster and perform his role very well. Theres nothing else like him in the entire game, or the universe for that matter, but for 5pts why not? The Avenger is also very neat and has a couple trump cards that can be game changing. He's not for every caster or general, but again is another interesting warjack. Lastly Triumph adds some novel abilities to the basic Defender build, but costing 2pts less then the Khador Behemoth, it can be a hard sell that most people will overlook.


This week's theme for Cygnar is Attrition. So how do these warjacks embody this concept. For starters the Minuteman can weaken your enemies opposing troops, by simply blasting them to bits. He has two arm guns that can soften heavy warjacks as well. His movement allows him to alpha strike key elements of the enemy lines, therefore crippling the opposing enemies options. The Avenger performs a similar role, by knocking down models or stunning them allowing you to hamper the attempts of your opponent to grind you down. Triumph is a gun turret so, yah....he blows up the enemy?

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Until Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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