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Wrath Expansion, Cygnar Review: Support


The newest additions to the forces of Cygnar have been pretty impressive so far, but the best is still yet to come. Today I take a detailed look at the new Cygnar support solos that have been released with Wrath. So now it's time to see what the warrior elite have in store................


One of the newest model types to be released in the Wrath expansion, is the new Ranking Officers. There are alot of mixed feelings towards the new ROs, and the main reason for this is because of their role with mercenary units. When an RO joins a mercenary unit they become an in faction unit allowing them to technically recieve in faction buffs. Alot of players enjoy using just in faction units and will skip past them in favour of familar units. But for the sack of this article and future ones I will go into more detail.

Out of all the ROs to be offered in Wrath, Jonas might be the most significant. While you can only have one version of him on the table, he.... by far has the most options with regards to unit selection. Cygnar just loves their mercs, so it makes sense. Heres two of the many combinations you will see with Jonas. First up theres the ever so popular Nyss Hunters. Naturally they have ranged weapons and also happen to be Weapon Masters. Paired off with Jonas, this unit not only counts as a Cygnar unit, but gains two key abilities from him as well. The first one is Jona's Mini-feat, Go to Ground. Which basically enables the unit to become immune to blast damage, they no longer block line of sight and they gain the cover bonus. His last ability he grants is Assault, which allows the unit to shoot as they charge into combat. Pretty quickly it becomes really obvious why the Nyss Hunters are a great combo with Jonas.

The second combo that I discovered recently, I can credit to Andrew "Guns" Galea. The unofficial name of this combo will be  Boomhowler Guns (Sorry for the terrible name Andrew, I ran out of ideas, lol). If you haven't guessed it already this combo involves taking a full unit Boomhowler and Co. These Trolls can gain a 4+ Tough roll and can benefit from the next character solo in this list, which happens to be..................


Easily one of the best solos to be released in Wrath and for very good reason. Continuing with the above example, Runewood can choose one Battle Plan a turn, kind of like the Choir of Menoth. The first one is Overcome, which gives one friendly faction unit Pathfinder for one round. So basically you get your own Cygnar Saxon Orrik; Pathfinder is brilliant, allowing you to ignore terrain. The second one is Path to Victory, which gives the Boomhowlers the Fearless special rule and 2+ to charge attack rolls that turn. The last one and probably the best one for this combo is Reveille. Basically all Boomhowler's models in his command range get to stand back up if they are knocked down.......This unit just became amazing. A 4+ Tough roll, then the model is knocked down and then Runewood makes them stand back up like nothing happened.

But thats not all......He has an Elite Cadre for Sword Knights, giving them Reform(A free 3 inch move after their normal actions). He's also a Jack Marshal, so he can take warjack which can be his bodyguard? His last rule is Sac-Pawn[Faction Warjack], which means he can have any warjack take a free range hit from enemy fire. Mind you this is only for direct hits, so blast templates are still useful. So long story short, you have a model that can buff your troops and Sword Knights, while being almost impossible to kill with ranged attacks. Not bad for only 3pts..........


While Jonas is simply there to add some variety, Runewood can make your troops extremely durable and useful. When used in combination with the Piper of Ord, your basic troops can become very versatile in an attrition style army.

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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