Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wrath Expansion, Cygnar Review: The Storm Strider


The last of the newest additions to the forces of Cygnar are here; of course the best has come at last. Today I take a detailed look at the new Cygnar Battle Engine: The Storm Strider that have been released with Wrath. So now it's time to see what a giant electric tower of death can do................


Here we go, the first Battle Engine to be reviewed.....Its scary..... With lightining and those guys can run it I have no idea....

Seriously though lets take a deeper look at this fantastic model. Several important abilities of this model is that it is a construct, so in a way it follows several of the rules of warjacks, but can not gain focus from warcasters and other stuff etc. The next ability is Gun fighter which makes sense, because this model only has 2 guns, so it makes this model useful in combat as well. The most hilarious ability has to be Immunity: Electricity, why? Well if two Storm Striders end up fighting one another, who's going to win? Nobody, because both are immune to each others attacks. The Kinetic Accumulator, allows this model to acquire power tokens everytime an enemy attacks this model, with a ranged or melee attack. Up to a max of three tokens can be collected at any given time and can be used to boost attack/damage rolls. The Repulsor Field is another neat ability which allows the Storm Strider to push enemy models back 1 inch, if they attacked this model in melee. Finally the Superconduction ability allows this model to give other friendly ranged electric type models within 5 inchs a 2+ towards their ranged attack rolls....because it's lightning...obviously.

The weapons on the Storm Strider are what you would expect from a giant tower of lightning, guns that shoot lightning, pretty sweet if you ask me. Being electric they have the added benefit of critical disruption, which can prevent warjacks that are critically hit to not be able to recieve focus. The other built in ability is that each shot can arc to D3 extra models within 5 inchs; inflicting a PoW 10 hit. 


After looking at all the tricks and abilities of this Battle Engine, I have to say it is fairly powerful on the battlefield. However not to the point where the game is broken and this model can tank an entire army. Actually the best part about fighting against this model is that it can not. Other then its two gun shots(although they can get up to 6 extra models) this model lacks any real way to remove certain models. Models that have Tough, high armour or multiple wounds will stand the best shot against this model. If you don't attack this model at all, it can not gain power tokens. It's also only defence 10 and armour 18 meaning a determined foe can kill it with overwhelming attacks. The trick of course will be waiting for that golden opportunity to strike this model and wipe it out in one turn. Weapon Masters or a heavy warjack with full focus can wreck this model in no time flat. Remember the Storm Strider needs to get a critical hit in order to inflict disruption on a warjack, so in most situations you will be alright. Unless you play Cygnar I would try to avoid trying to kill this model at range, because if you fail your rolls you could just be fueling this model with tokens. At least in melee you can get enough models in contact with it(Huge base after all), but like anything in this game, it too can be a gamble if your rolls are garbage. A very interesting model that definitely makes your opponent think hard about how they want to deal with this model. Like all the other Battle Engines, this model is not an auto-include, but is an interesting addition for a larger Cygnar force or switiching up competitive play.


So here we are at the end and how does this model fit into the theme of attrition, that Cygnar has gained in this expansion? This model allows the player the option of contesting a large section of the board. This model can pulse infantry away from your main army, allowing you to force your opponent into undesirable situations that will weaken his army over time. This enables your forces to grind your enemy down and have the Storm Strider finish off the left overs of the opposing army.

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Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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