Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Round Up, Aug 29, 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....


This Week's Topic: Whats Up Ahead

If you are a current reader of my articles, you will know that the start date for university is fast approaching. As a result, next week is pretty much time to start making the complete move to the big city. Unfortunately, I will not be able to produce the same amount of content this week as a direct result. Will be lifting too many beds/tvs....FOOD!~!~ but FEAR NOT! There will be some rather interesting content to come.

Now this Schedule is not set in stone, but like always each article will be published. If not the following week.

Coming Up, This Week:

I take a detailed look at this amazing new fantasy webcomic. I also managed to get an exclusive interview with the author as she answers some of my questions.

After Game Movies: The Secret of Nimh

I Know, I was supposed to come out last week, but when has this website ever been about consistency. My logo is a dice after all. However, I take a detailed look at this really really old movie; see if it's still worth watching today.

Wrath Expansion, Khador Review: Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf

What better to way to start off the Khador Wrath Review, then with the big man himself...Harkevich, The Iron Wolf. Best character ever? It's very possible...

As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for more reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or on Rankings HQ under the Daily D6.

Also I managed to find this little gem of a video; if you have been dying for some more Fury Hammer in your life. Make sure to check this Warhammer Battle Report out...

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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