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Weekend Round Up, Aug 23, 2011

Feeling tired and bored? Well pull up a chair and grab the nearest coffee, tea and/or beer (I don't judge :D) it's time for another....


This Week's Topic: Demo--Lition Man!~

After a fantastic weekend of video footage from Gamescom(In Germany) and the European Team Challenge( #ETC11) for Warhammer, 40k and Warmachine/Hordes. It was hard to believe that anything could possibly top that level of professional footage. Turns out the fun did not stop after the weekend though....

To my wonderful surprise, I found out that the new upcoming game Warhammer 40k: Space Marine had it's demo released today. Being the critical person that I am, I had to watch a play through(Only the PC version was out, Xbox version comes out now). But to my Delight, it was done by one of my favorite commentators, John Bain (Aka, Total Biscuit). To tell you the truth I had my doubts about Space Marine; while it seemed like it could be fun. I was also not sure just how concrete the controls would be or if the gameplay would become repetitive. 

After watching the whole video, I must say... my enjoyment and anticipation for this game has just exploded; destroying much of outlying area. To quote myself(Ego much?) from Twitter earlier today: "Space Marine seems to be shaping up to be better then anyone could have expected. Makes the God of War look like Hello Kitty". While one could argue the deaths in the God of War games are more graphic(He rips up pretty much the entire body and entrails), the deaths and combat in this demo just feel truly unique; fleshed out. There is just so much weight and power to every motion. Especially in the jump pack section, where you send shock waves destroying enemies as you land on them.

The concept of going into a killing frenzy or performing an execution moving to regain health is just brillant. Balancing this with meaty ranged weapons, means you can switch on the fly between both types of combats. Excitement aside, when this game comes out I will keep a critical eye on this title and look at this game from multiple perspectives. Safe bet that I won't be the first person to review this game(In fact, might be some time afterwards.....cheap oh)[QUIET YOU!]

Needless to say this fall is looking great for games of every variety.

Heres this week's schedule:

-Wrath Expansion, Menoth Review: Warjacks

I really just ran out of time last week to release this article, thankfully theres only two warjacks to review. So that should not take long to finish.

-After Game Movies:?????(Only on War and More)

This one is a bit of toss up this week, I have two options lined up: A Don Bluth Film(Hoping to find Secret of Nimh) or The Rocketeer(Which I have already seen). This one is a toss up, so Tweet me on Twitter @ATT64 to suggest which one you would like to see.

-Wrath Expansion, Menoth Review: Support/Vessel of Judgement

These will be two different articles like before; expect to see them roughly around the same time.

As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for more reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or on Rankings HQ under the Daily D6.

Till Next......oh wait heres something rather cool, make sure to check it out as well

Adam Tremblay

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