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Weekend Round Up, Aug 08, 2011

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This Week's Topic:

Real Gold for Fictional Items... In Diablo 3

Earlier this week I got word from several of my local sources and found out about this really juicy topic. Turns out in the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment game Diablo 3, there will be some significant changes and to tell you the truth they are rather shocking. The game will have a built in auction house where players can sell fictional items found within the game for real money. Theres also an auction house for in game money(Fake money), but thats not all that interesting. The fact that you can find a randomly generated item and sell it in the auction house for "any" amount of money; other players can actually spend "real" money on these powerful items is rather significant. Now already I can see a few problems with this system. For starters you are basically allowing players to buy power, which can greatly unbalance any game. If the game was only single player I would have no problem with this because, it means players are paying to speed through the game content. Why someone would want to do that? It seems rather pointless if you want the full value out of the game over longer period of time. 

However, Diablo 3 is not just a single player experience there are several extensive multiplayer modes including: Player vs Player. Heres the key problem, if you allow players to buy power then how can you justify the game being balanced. Instead of skill and experience dictating who wins a confrontation, it's the player who has the largest pocket book. As a wargamer I tend to dislike that train of thought. Finally players can sell these items and farm them, so in a sense somebody could actually make a living killing a particular boss or enemy in that game and just stock up. Blizzard, of course will also be making a profit; will take their share of the money, not once but three times. Once for posting the item in the online auction, another is a transaction fee; finally for buying the actual game.

The last problem is that you have to be connected to the internet at all times, while playing Diablo 3. But that is a whole other article...... check out the press release on MMO-Champion

Coming Up This Week, On War and More

-WRATH WEEK!~ I start off with the long awaited Wrath Analysis Review, beginning with Cygnar. There will be several articles: The New Warcaster Constance, Warjacks and the Support. Like the Tomb Kings review, these articles are just my thoughts on the choices.

-Mystery Box, This kind of article will discuse a topic that I discover during the week, or has been suggested to me either by email or on Twitter @ATT64. Ultimately I will pick the topic(hard to write about something you don't like for instance), but suggestions are welcome.

As always make sure to check out other topics on my homepage "War and More" for more reviewing content. You can also contact me Via Twitter @ATT64 or on Rankings HQ under the Daily D6.

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