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Did You Know About: Faithful, The Last Priestess of Haro?

Faithful, The Last Priestess of Haro

Need another diversion from your work, hobbies and your familie's potential needs? Allow me to recommend a fantastic new web comic, that might interest you...


As a wargamer, I tend to travel and participate in a number of tournaments; I happen to meet the most amazing people there. Mike Sweetman(Fantasy Battle Roundup) got me interested in traveling to more out of town events; is the main reason for most of my original articles. This is where I ran into Megan Gorecki, at the last Squigs Warmachine/Hordes tournament. She was playing her Hordes faction the Circle of Orboros. Being a fellow journalist and wargamer, she mentioned her ambitions to eventually create a web comic. Although it started out as a simple pastime her web comic has now been released; this brings us to where our story begins.... 

The First Comic Entry

We start off Faithful by being introduced to our main protagonist Priestess Kirinna, as she attempts to help the local populace. Why? It just so happens that an unknown enemy has invaded the city; with the military in shambles the city falls into chaos. The aesthetic of Faithful is very unique and stylized. The first few comics are a bit rough around the edges, but if you look at the original Penny Arcade comics...

.... Compared to more recent entries....

....These are skills that are learned over time and considering this is her very first web comic, this is pretty good.

Most Recent Comic Entries 

Like any good story, Faithful's story starts in the middle; as a direct result the more recent entries are basically filling in the gaps, between important events within the story. We get several new characters being introduced; among them the main antagonists. But in order to prevent spoilers I won't mention who they are...kind of defeats the point of building up suspense. As the story progresses, the battles get bloodier and more gruesome. Which might be a turn off for some people, but for the most part it's done in good taste. The characters are becoming more fleshed out and we begin to start seeing the development of their motivations and values. As they are constantly challenged over the course of the series. 

Here are some of the general questions, that were discussed in our interview

What type of program do you use to publish your comic?

Faithful is originally drawn and inked by hand, then scanned into my computer. I use Photoshop to colour it and Illustrator to do the text/speech bubbles/sound effects. Currently I’m running with CS4.

What inspired the comic?

Kirinna’s story actually started as a D&D character history. I started writing something up that was open-ended enough for my DM to take over, but the game never really got off the ground. I was left wondering, “What happens from here?” and I started writing the rest. From there, more characters were introduced (some based on people I know, some not) and before I knew it, I had an ending and a good chunk of a storyline completed.
I originally debated writing the story as a novel, and trying to break into the published world that way, but realized that a webcomic was another option. After some encouragement from family and friends, I decided that I would rather give everyone the chance to read and enjoy the story of Faithful by making it into a webcomic, rather than wait and possibly never see it come out as a novel.

What can we expect from Faithful, in the future?

Faithful will continue to expand into the world, giving more information on the three main gods and some of the lesser gods, and the impact that the new god “Ravage” is having on the faith of regular people.
For Kirinna specifically, expect her faith to be tested, as even though she is a Priestess of one of the three main gods, the next couple months worth of strips are about to reveal that not everything goes her way.
For a spoiler alert, I will say this: One of the extra artworks I have done is actually a spoiler, but no one seems to have picked up on it yet – that I know of. Consider it an easter egg, if you will. (But I won’t confirm or deny anything. Speculate as you will!)

How long does it take to draw a comic?

A comic takes me anywhere between three hours and seven hours, depending on the number of panels and the complexity of the backgrounds. I’ve gotten a lot faster since I launched in February 2011, but I really enjoy the time I set aside each week to sit down and draw a strip.

What is the best way to get involved with the comic?

Faithful is on Facebook, under “Faithful: Last Priestess of Haro.”
I also have a forum set up on the website, where I post comments about the episodes each week. Otherwise, people can email me at:

How can I get more Haro in my life?

Haro is a god of battle, glory, blood and honour. For your daily dose of Haro, consider some meditation and fight practice every morning before sunrise.

Why choose a fantasy setting for your first web comic?

I love fantasy. I always have. I suppose I chose fantasy because it was familiar to me, and it’s hard to really do anything “wrong” in it, so long as it’s justified. I like the idea that anything I can dream up can come true in this world… if I want it to.

Do you have any interesting behind the scenes stories about the comic?

My sister is actually my webmistress. She designed the website and helps me out by uploading the comic every Monday. It’s something I need to start doing myself, but she has been very patient with me. I don’t think Faithful would exist without her. The character of Sabrina is designed after her.
Otherwise, the world map (which can be found in the Extras section on the website) took me about 34 hours to complete. It was the bane of my existence for about three days when I was trying to finish it. I love drawing maps, but I never seem to finish them.

What are some of the unique facts about the webcomic?

“The Last Priestess of Haro” is actually intended to be the first “season” of sorts for the comic. The script is written, and is just over three years worth of strips (if I recall correctly. It might be closer to four.) When it ends, there is an opening for a second season to pick up and continue on in the Faithful world, though it would be following a different main character. I will have to see when the time comes if Faithful will follow through with a second season, but I am definitely committed to finishing the first.

Faithful was also at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year in June. I had a great response from non-readers, and booked to be there again next year in April. I booked an entire booth (not an Artist Alley table) with fellow webcomic artists Tony Esteves (Legendary Woodsman: and Ryan Smith (Accursed Dragon: So if you’re planning on attending next year, be sure to keep an eye out for us!


So make sure to show her your support and sign up to her Facebook Page Here and check out her comics at her main site HERE. As a newcomer to the Web Comic universe, I am sure she would appreciate your comments and help. Faithful, The Last Priestess of Haro updates every monday and thanks again for reading and...

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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