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Did You Know About: The Bad Dice Podcast?

So Bad We're Good!

The UK’s first Warhammer Fantasy Battle Podcast.................................................................

I remember listening to this podcast back in 2009, when the amount of wargaming podcasts were severely lacking. During that time I didn't really listen to many podcasts; mostly because I live in a place where the internet is considered as rare a resource as vespene gas. However late last year I began to expand my podcast selection and of course the Bad Dice Podcast seemed to pop up alot. It wasn't really until earlier this year, that I begun to learn more about the Bad Dice. I really respect the professionalism of the show and the sports style conversations that occur. The two hosts Ben Curry and Ben Johnson(Former Co-Host, more on that later) present a truly unique podcasting experience..............................................

The Show's Layout
-Several UK tournament experts discuse everything from the local tournament scene to the newest releases.
-Everything from the late days of Warhammer 7th edition to the beginning of mk2 Warmachine and Hordes and 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.
-Updated twice a month
-Personal hobby related topics
-Local news and global developments with regards to wargaming
-The show's format is fairly loose and flexable, no two episodes are identical.
-Tournament reports spanning all across the UK including popular venues like Maelstrom Games
-The Show's length varies, anywhere from 1-2 hours

First Episode

Live from the UK Warhammer Fantasy Masters 2009
Guests include Adi MacWalter, Martin Bunting, Adam Hall and others from the Masters event

There are a variety of huge differences between this episode and the most recent one. For starters there was no theme song. Eventually they got one; everytime I listen to it, I tend to rock out to the beat(Hopefully thats not weird). I haven't had a chance to listen to all the episodes, but this episode really sets up the atmosphere and local feel of the show. I live in a completely different country and I struggle to listen to people with different accents, but the whole community feel of this podcast and episode are fantastic. Theres a great speech towards the end of the episode that cements this and helps remind us what wargaming is all about. One nostalgic moment for me is when someone mentions a scroll caddie and that Infernal Gateway is "Soooo Broken". Funny how hindsight changes opinions........

Most Recent Episodes

The Most Recent Episode is an educational review of the Storm of Magic expansion, it proceeds to helps highlight the positives of playing Storm of Magic; the negatives of building sooo many pieces of terrain. The famous Bobo(Isaac Alexander) aka @Bobo_On_A_Stick an occasional vaudevillian, arrives to explain his thoughts and comments on GW's latest expansion. This episode really showcases how far the podcast has come with regards to developing the show in such a short amount of time. Their website has forums, App content, Snake Eyes section, Twitter(The most common piece they use) and merchandise. Episode 64, The Tomb Kings Review, marks a large moment in the history of the Bad Dice Podcast. Ben Johnson, a long time co-host of the BDP decided to take a break from podcasting. His reasons are personal, so out of respect for the podcaster I won't go into too much detail. One point that Ben Curry has stressed on the podcast is that the other Ben is not leaving the hobby or tournament scene. He might even come back at a future date, who knows? As a fellow skaven player I loved Johnson's rants on wargaming and idiots at work. Truthfully, you can really relate to the Ben's because they are down to earth podcasters; being professional tournament players and loving what they do. 


Although they have started to branch out into other game systems, they still have a strong Warhammer focus in their episodes. One point that I will bring up is that for some reason alot of podcasts seem to be download only. I like iTunes as much as the next guy, but it creates another level of limiting the accessablility of your podcast. When people first find your podcast its nice to actually listen to the episode first, because I have no idea what your podcast is about until I download it; if your like me and don't like to download often, usually I won't be interested in listening. Look at the Bad Dice Podcast, if they had kept their episodes as download only, would they be as popular as they are now? They never left anyone out, they allowed people an equal chance to listen to the show and allow for more content via the Snake Eyes section for die hard fans. Finally theres a strong sense of community and fellowship that is delivered when you listen to this podcast. Theres a real sense of feeling like a local when you pop in to listen twice a month. Pull up a chair, some paint brushes and get that army done before your next tournament, in the meantime the Bad Dice Podcast will be there to inform you.

Thats all for now,

Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay


  1. A bit late, but hopefully people find it informative and interesting. Enjoy!~ :D

  2. Nice Review Adam...I personally love the Baddice cast and think Curry is doing a great job running the show solo now.

    Readers should also checkout their interviews with former GW games developers such as Gav Thorpe! Thanks


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