Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Round Up......Time For a Reroll!!!

Due to some technical difficulties this week's Weekend Round Up is surprisingly late, but considering that alot of things have come up recently, I felt that it was necessary to talk about some rather important developments. Therefore I had an idea("or a headache with pictures") and decided to create another article type in the event of unscheduled news or late weekend reports........

Re-Rolling 6's


Now I believe that out of all the selections in Warhammer Fantasy, the Special Choices are by far the most significant(in the most recent book releases anyway). Therefore I would like to do something very interesting with regards to the Tomb Kings Special Choices article. I have my own opinions and ideas about how to build a TK army with regards to the Special choices. But I am more interested in what some of the other TK vets and community bloggers think about the Special Choices. Therefore you can vote on Facebook, for your personal favorites and explain why you love them so much or showcase unique methods to field these units in tournament play.!/home.php?sk=group_38660572285&ap=1

Jaded Gamercast!/home.php?sk=group_103843986352951&ap=1

Edmonton Warhammer!/home.php?sk=group_33889457728&ap=1

North Peace Wargaming!/home.php?sk=group_111128502238760&ap=1

Armoury Games & Hobbies!/home.php?sk=group_48526789554&ap=1

VOTING HAS ALREADY STARTED!~!~So make sure to get your votes in before next Monday June 20th, 2011.

Doubles, Doubles!~!~

-Coming up this Weekend is the Annual Warhammer Fantasy Doubles Tournament, so expect a full tournament report in the following week. Its a 1000pts per army doubles event, using the allies/foes charts in the Big Fat Book. I will be taking a rather simple Skaven List, and my team mate Reily, will be taking his brand new Tomb King army. He's officially played 2 games now(one against me !). But Reily has won both of those games, so we should be in for a real fun tournament! Good old Mike Sweetman of Fantasy Battle Roundup and his team mate Chris aka @TheLazyBeaver, will also be attending. Will we get a game in? It's very possible....stay tooned.

As always you can follow me on Twitter @ATT64, and......

Till Next Time


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Heres the links for voting:

High North Warhammer 

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