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Weekend Round Up, May 29 2011


A little late on the update today, but if you have read my last article you will know that Terraria has taken alot of my motivation. :D  But needless to say theres quite alot I want to write about in this update.


Now that my summer hours seem to be more solid, I will be able to plan out and release articles on a more regular basis. I'm going to try and shoot for 1-2 articles a week, and then a weekend roundup as well. The weekly articles will be more specific topic focused; the weekend roundups will have a variety of topics and personal opinions on recent news and plans.

With that said heres what you can expect in the following week....(Hopefully ;)

-Tomb Kings Core analysis. This article will address what makes the TK's core unique in warhammer fantasy; what potential ways you can build your TK lists with the core in mind. This will the first of many blog posts to follow in my attempt to write an indepth TK review article on RHQ. If anyone has any experience playing the TK's in 8th or has their own thoughts and opinions on the current book, feel free to let me know so that I can make it as inclusive as possible. Expect more TK articles in following months.

-Privateer Press Erratas. I will delve into what major changes have happened in the new erratas and see what interesting stuff can be found. I am going to see if I can pull it off this week, but if not It will be around early next week.


Where art thou Beasts of War?

Now during the week before the rapture, there was a variety of news stories that seemed to pile up and out of them all I was most shocked by this one. You might have realized already, but I'm a bit of a youtube nut. So every night I spend some time watching commentaries, starcraft 2, and of course wargaming. I check out my usual channels and to my surprise I can't find Beasts of War? I try some more searchs and come across this tragic message: "The channel Beasts of War has been removed for violating several privacy and rating guidelines".......? In my mind I'm trying to rationalize what the heck this actually means, because if anything I always thought of BoW being pretty tame with regards to guidelines. Its kind of like hearing your grandmother swear for the first time. You know she could do it, but you'd never expect it from her. Luckly I follow BoW on Twitter and was able to find out relatively quick what had happened. Now for obvious reasons I won't say exactly what kicked them off the air, for fear of dying from the killer joke .
But in all seriousness if you are curious on what BoW has to say about it heres their video response on

Now all this is still very strange to me for many reasons: For starters BoW have an amazing track record, and if the following is true. Youtube needs to take a serious look at about another million other channels, that "actually" break their guidelines and take them off the air. Second, I wonder why Youtube thought it was completely necessary to remove "all" BoW content from the website (channel and good videos included). All they really needed to do was say: "Hey sorry about this, but your one video has content that is questionable. So could you please change it to meet the guidelines?". Lastly, how come youtube was quick enough to remove BoW? Apparently their video was up for probably an hour, before they bombed it. I'm guessing because BoW is a fairly common channel, but still I have seen about a dozen other common channels that constantly break the most obvious guidelines and they are still up on the website?

Now not all is lost fellow BoW fans, because thankfully BoW have their main website that contains all previous and new content. Had they only their youtube page, then maybe this would be different. Thankfully this isn't the case. I am hopefull that in the following weeks we are able to find out more on the topic, but in the meantime we will have to see.

But during this time I'm sure Warren and all the guys over at Beasts of War would appreciate your support. Hopefully I have done my part in getting the word out and make sure to tell them to keep up the good work!


As always you can reach me on my email and on twitter @ATT64, if you want to talk or discuse anything article or wargame related.

Till Next Time


Adam Tremblay

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