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Weekend Round Up, May 15 2011

Weekend Round Up
Its been a fairly busy week with regards to my job, so as a result I haven't been able to write a whole lot, but it turns out to be a good thing. During my week away from writing I have seen quite alot of content from RHQ and other sources. All the new blogs or ones that have been rebooted, have inspired me on different ways to interpret and look at similar information. The biggest example of this being the new Tomb Kings release. Since my original article, which was released a week before the book came out I have read many articles, discusions, and analysis about the book and each time I find something that I didn't consider before, or a rule that can be utilized in another way. This shows the strength of the book when the community at large can find many ways to play an army and all of them are effective in some way.

In other news, you may or may not have noticed, but I have found out a way to bypass the picture uploader for Tournament articles(Not Blogs posts) Like the Squigs Warmahordes 2011 tournament. If you have tried to upload pictures via the uploader for articles, unless its a certain size it will say the picture is too large. Plus you are limited by the amount of pictures per page and you have click on them to enlarge the image. The last critical thing which isn't a big issue, but can be difficult to deal with is that once you upload a picture it brings you back to the front page, which can be problematic if you forget to save info.

However this Blog has helped me out greatly in this regard, because I can upload the pictures in their full size(There are still limits, but you can change that) and add written blog content with them and post it quickly over a short period of time. Then I all do is copy the blog post, and paste it into the article page and suddenly the articles can hold more photos as a result,

Utilizing this technique, I feel good about collecting older blog posts and categorizing them into epic compact articles. For instance I have many ideas for future Tomb Kings, Orcs/Goblins articles and at the end of the year once I have had more experence with the books I can gather all the blog posts over the course of the year and publish them into an easy to access article. However, because I am limited to theory-hammer/limited playtesting, because lets face it, why should one person pretend to be the master of every army when they only play a handful of factions and based on their metagames will be tunned to face specific factions(Comp/No Comp). So I open up this anyone who is reading this, if you have some input or experence with the subject manner, speak up and share your knowledge as a blogger on RHQ. Also I am open to co-op reviews/articles on any topic, just send me an email at,, or contact me on Twitter @ATT64, I check both at least once everyday, so give me shout if you are interesting in having your articles/blog posts being included in these inclusive reviews/articles. I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions.

Lastly there are several events coming up in the following months, a doubles fantasy event and several other regular tournaments. As far as Warmachine is concerned there might not be another event until the fall, because people are having problems getting models as a fault of distribution related problems. More on that in the coming months.

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Adam Tremblay

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