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Weekend Round Up, June 5th 2011

Wow what an amazing week for the Daily D6! This was the first week of fairly consistently released article content. You might have noticed the new logo? Finally I have found a logo that represents the DD6 properly. The Maple leaf was chosen for very obvious reasons and I should get me a set of them. Also the coming week also looks very promising as well.....lets see whats coming up in....



-Tomb Kings Special Choices Review Part One. I take a look at four of the eight special choices of the new Tomb Kings book. I will be discusing my extensive theory-hammering on how to expand into the special section with your chosen core army.


-THE MYSTERY BOX. This kind of article will discuse a topic that I discover during the week, or has been suggested to me either by email or on Twitter @ATT64. Ultimately I will pick the topic(hard to write about something you don't like for instance), but suggestions are welcome. These topics can range from anything Wargame related to several aspects of popular nerd culture. For example: "How can you get more FURYHAMMER! in your life"?


Don't Stop Me Now......... (NZ/OZ GW Petition)

Ready? Ok so this week while I was writing the TK core units review, I happened upon this very informative video made by Matt from

( )

If you don't have the time to watch the video, Matt explains from a fairly constructive soapbox, his position towards the recent GW marketing trends that have many GW clients up in arms. It's his open letter to Games-Workshop, and it's a great example of solid positive change that the everyday gamer can get behind. I highly recommend repeating this video on your own blogs to help get the word across the interwebs.

I mentioned in a blog post several days ago
about the recent Australian/New Zealand GW Petition group that started up to discuse the recent marketing choices of GW. Now after being with the group for less then a week I have seen these following developments:
-Direct Discussions, with the GW OZ/NZ head CEO
-Plans to talk with GW Worldwide, in the following months
-The group has exploded by 300 more members since I have joined this week.
-Extremely professional and worth every moment of your time.

James Sutherland, the creator of the Facebook page, has been fairly optimistic about his chances to discuse this further with GW and you will want to hear the interview that James had on the long awaited Podhammer returns episode!

Now I'm not from that part of the world, actually I am from a country that has been hardly affected by these new GW changes. The store I buy models from is an independant retailer that has a variety of game systems. So why did I decide to write this article? Well when one part of the community is hurt and as a result loses interest in this amazing hobby of ours. Suddenly there are less people to share tactics or paint schemes with. Less tournaments to read about and even fewer tournament turnouts. While the internet can be very useful(this website for instance) it can also have a very negative affect by diminishing the desire to continue wargaming all together, if enough bad word gets out and starts to sour the hobby. So it's very important to reinforce positive change by: being an active member of the community, writing professional letters to the heads of GW and educate others about what they can do to help.

Heres one:!/home.php?sk=group_109577025797447&ap=1

Till Next Time


Adam Tremblay

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