Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Round Up - 25-Apr-2011

Well its been a while, but now that final exams are finally done for the year I have some time on my hands to write a few articles. This article is more of a preview on whats coming in the following week (Hopefully :) There has been alot of news last week and I plan on writing an article to address these new developments. There has been alot of previews for privateer press and games workshop last week and frankly I'm very excited to write about them in the following week.

Our Store got a copy of the new Tomb Kings and I have already read it, but before I finish that article I want to look more at the book in depth so that the article can be fairly lengthy like the OG book before. Same goes for the new warcasters and warjacks that have been previewed last week and I can't wait to see what they will be like on the field.

In other news my good friend Mike has finally started up his new blog "Fantasy Battle Roundup" and I think he's doing a great job gathering the thoughts and ideas of many warhammer fantasy bloggers/podcasters, in one place so that its easy to follow anyone you want or find out whats going on worldwide with regards to warhammer fantasy. You can follow him on twitter @FBroundup.

Also do you have any suggestions for future topics, good jokes, or even want to start a conversation? Follow me on Twitter @ATT64. I check my wall everyday so if you want to discuse Tomb Kings, Warhammer/Warmachine or just about any topic, I will do my best to answer all your posts ASAP. ;)

Till next Time

Adam Tremblay 

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