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Warmachine Errata May 2011


Man, I have to say...thank goodness for the GW erratas last year and the hours upon hours of reading I had to do. Because now when I look at this Warmachine errata, which is fairly lengthy for a PP Errata. I am able to read through it fairly quickly. But as one personal criticism note, while I get that the Warmachine/Hordes Mk2 Prime/Primal rulebooks are different....why did Privateer Press feel that it was necessary to repeat the exact same rules(word for word) for both books? Why not bunch them together to save room and then for unique rules (Frenzy/Threshold) say that they are hordes specific? It seems like a waste of paper and would actually make the errata alot smaller. I'm not trying to be too critical because it is just clearing up any confusion between the game systems, but it seems weird to repeat the obvious I guess.

Also a quick note, I really like the way Privateer has layed out this errata, every heading is unique and easy to read and its not completely boring to look at. Now it took me forever to actually locate this errata(Should have looked on the front page   >_<   ) , because for some reason google decided to tell me the link was broken. But with that said, heres some of the big changes you can expect to see in the Errata.



It has been cleared up a fair bit now. Basically whenever a Warjack/Warbeast Tramples onto a unit in Shield wall, the unit maintains their Extra Armour Bonus against the trample attack. Now Seeing that a Warjack/beast uses it's base Str value for a trample(Usually around Str 11 for heavies), its alot more likely for shield wall infantry to survive a full on trample. Mind you that heavies with decent rolling are most likely going to wipeout infantry anyway, but its by no means a sure thing. Not to mention if the unit has been buffed by the Piper of Ord (Tough FTW). Just a nice simple rule clarification that helps make a tarpit alittle more sticky.



Now this errata change is arguably the most significant one to have been made this time around. If you have any previous experience with E-Gaspy in the past, his feat would spell doom for any unwary opponent. Basically he could return up to 10 dead models back for one turn only and they had to declare a charge. They used to have the amazing incorporeal ability, so they could simply float past the opposing army and kill the warcaster. Now the rule change is rather small, but it pretty much prevents this from happening now. They no longer have incorporeal, but now have "ghostly" which is basically incorporeal without the ability to travel through enemy models. This will change the way Egaspy has been played in the past, but not so much that it has been nerfed to the point of uselessness. His feat is still very potent and like many other warcasters/warlocks something to be wary about every turn of the game.



You know that annoying -4 to hit into combat with range attack rolls? Yeah, apparently it no longer affects magicial attack rolls..... in combat! If the point of origin happens to take place in melee range of an enemy model, you no longer have to worry about the -4 for that model to hit with a magical attack roll. Note: this doesn't work for arc nodes in combat....why? Because Arc-nodes can only channel spells when they are not engaged in combat with an enemy model. However this rule is still very potent allowing warcasters to bounce spells into existing combats and have them add to the carnage, without the fear of damaging their own troops or warjacks.

A solid rule change that will be interesting to see in tournament play.




Now the wording for the rule "Sidestep" have changed rather significantly:

"Replace the first sentence of Side Step with the following:
When this model hits an enemy model with an initial attack or a
special attack that is not a power attack, it can advance 2? after
the attack is resolved".

Now what does this actually mean? Well basically what this rules change is implying is that at one time you could also hit your own models with multiple attacks. This allowed molik or any model with the sidestep ability, to use their own troops as mario cart speed boosts, while being under the influence of the invinciblity star(Ignoring Free-Strikes). Long winded references later.....

You can only achieve this by attacking enemy models now, which is all dependant on what your opponent's deployment is like. So you can no longer engineer it yourself.....(maybe... ;).

Also apparently while Privateer was writing up this errata they happened to sneak in an extra errata for future models....

"Blood of Martyrs. Affinity [Thyra].
Replace the second sentence of Affinity [Thyra] with the following:
When a model with Side Step hits an enemy model with an initial
attack or a special attack that is not a power attack, it can advance
2? after the attack is resolved."
I guess it makes sense to put it in before the model is released, but think about this for a second....couldn't they have just changed sidestep only,... without leaking any information? :D

A decent errata, with some minor(although significant) changes to both the Mk2 Prime/Primal Rulebooks.

If you happen to be fans of the LH, you might have noticed a couple of their models in this article. I am a big fan(although recent ;p) of the LH, and you can follow gdaybloke's adventures on Twitter @gdaybloke, or on their website:


Till Next Time


Adam Tremblay

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