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What the Wii have U been up 2?

Funny story(Its not that funny :p) after uploading my Weekend Round Up article on Monday, my computer( a 4 year old Vista) finally decided to bite the bucket and as a result I have been stuck without a computer for the whole week. Now I didn't get too upset(I got 4 years out of a vista) but it did put me in a bit of bind this week, with regards to my article writing. Combined with my later shifts at work and my small budget, I had to re-boot my old desktop that had some internet connection problems. But that is the past and now I have an article ready, and it starts at E3.......

Now for those of you who don't know what E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) represents, it is a yearly convention that shows the latest and greatest innovations in video game entertainment. Everyone from Sony to Nintendo attends this event to showcase what they are bringing to the table to drive the industry forward. Everything from the latest titles to Booth Babes ;) E3 has it all. The only real problem I have with E3 though is that it's a press only event, sooo unless you happen to be a reporter, have fun getting in. With that said heres a link to showcase videos that G4 Tech Tv has done to keep everyone else in the loop.

So I watched all the press events from my tv at home and to my surprise I stumbled upon this announcement trailer during Nintendo's press release at E3...

Heres a video of the announcement trailer:

The WII U Controller

Silly names aside, this new innovation from Nintendo has had me shocked. I didn't know what to think about this device. Heres all the confirmed information about the device:
-It comes with a new console, not only a new controller
-It will have HD 1080p graphics, the controller included.
-It has a built in camera, touchpad, accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone
-Will be coming out sometime fall of 2012
-Multiple controllers can play multiple games on one system
-The old Wii-mote can still be used in combination with the Wii U

So here I am sitting watching this trailer (I would also like to highlight the Tekken part of the trailer, it's fairly significant so make sure to watch that part) and I suddenly notice the publisher THQ getting mentioned quite alot. I realize in a hurry that they happen to be working together with Relic Entertainment to produce the new Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Video game:

So whats the point of this? Well I can gather two things from all this information...(1)By grouping all the basic hub(Weapons, health, action controls) data onto the controller screen, this will allow for more room on the main tv screen to enjoy a truly cinematic experience. (2)Man...... the future Warhammers/Warmachine/Bloodbowl games could truly be awesome. Now its too late for THQ to put Space Marine on the Wii U, because it comes out this September 2011. But thinking to the future, what could be done with Space Marine 2? The ability to create your own chapter, from hand drawn chapter symbols to complete character design.


But lets not stop there, Dawn of War 3 could be the first "True Real Time Strategy Game on Consoles". Instead of relying on clunky unit assignments to buttons, you could simply drag your finger across the screen to select units and use quick hotkeys on the screen to group units together. Imagine..... your grandmother could be killing orcs on the Nintendo Wii U (Ok maybe not) .You could play a wireless game of Blood Bowl against your friends in the comfort of your own house, using two different controllers to pick out your battle plans in secret.

I am very excited to see where this technology will lead the future of video gaming and how it will potentially expand these amazing IP's and allow us to explore the depths of our crazy daydreams.

But until then......


Till Next Time

Adam Tremblay

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