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War-tube: Wargaming on Youtube!

Today's Roll1+.....hummm mondays seem to be the only day that I can write on. I guess  I'm rolling 1's even when I'm not playing a wargame... :). Anyways todays roll is from the Storm Da Fort Tournament(Tournament Article coming soon). I was facing off against Troy's unkillable Chaos lord on a juggernaught, I'm going to just say that its the hardest thing in the game and can wreck anything it touchs...1+ armour save......Ouch.

The Internet has given the everyday person a great deal of freedom and many ways to express themselves. For wargamers there are podcasts, websites that sell bits/kits online, and forums to rant all day on. For along time I have wanted to gather all the useful and interesting youtube channels that have put so much effort and pride into their hobby. With this post I'm hoping to make more people aware of the existance and maybe theres one here that interests you.

Warhammer Fantasy


Reviews On My Experience With Each channel


One of my favorite channels for many reasons, it was the first useful channel that I started to watch when I began to become more competitive during 7th edition. Its one of the only places you could learn how to read the gameplay and understand the subtle metagame that was running wild during 7th. The way that Vaul created his videos was by far the most impressive way to layout a warhammer game. By taking still pictures and spending the time to discuse every detail in it helped create interesting videos. The best part of Vaulsc is that he updates his channel on a regualr basis, I believe his most recent video is the Archenemy tournament that ran in New Zealand last month. I would strongly advise anyone interested in warhammer to check out his channel.

Blue Table Painting
What a fantastic channel, it started as a simple way to promote his business, but has now exploded into an international army building studio that builds contemporary models from any game company or system. Shawn(Sorry if I wrote it wrong), started out with a small staff, but now has a whole team of talented painters and designers creating truly amazing armies.
And thats not even the full extent of what this channel provides, there are battle reports using studio armies, videos of their yearly adepticon trips(The have a booth). I would advise anyone going to adepticon to check out BTP, by far one of the best channels on youtube for warhammer, 40k, warmachine/hordes.

Beasts of War

Now most people will know about Beasts of War, but if you don't then, what are you doing? GO WATCH THEM NOW! All of the latest minatures for every( I mean every) game system and company is reviewed, built, painted and playtested by this handful of honest hardworking, folks who out of their own desire to wargame, paint and build, have spent hours on end to constantly deliver A+ quality videos. Make sure to sign up to their website.


Still looking for some more quality battle reports on youtube, check out this channel. There are alot of great battle reports and all from a brettonian perspective. I highly recommend this channel for all his content.

SteamPowered TV

Easily one of the best warmachine channels on youtube, there are featured battle reports, steamroller tournaments, and excellent commentary about warmachine/hordes. The creator Tinman_XL continues to update his channel on a regular basis and the content is very interesting and useful. Recently Steam Powered Tv has teamed up with another warmachine Youtube channel Veilofdarkness000 or L.W.Y.P (Listen While You Play), to bring even more warmachine/hordes goodness. Also on a side note: "Good job on your new intro's Tinman"!


Veilofdarkness000 or L.W.Y.P:

This channel features commentary from two wargamers Blog and Beatfreak (again sorry if I mispell anyones name), who tend to play alot of warmachine/hordes, and have come up with a real novel concept for featuring battle reports. The concept of Listen while you play is pure genius, why not have a channel that you can go to when playing a wargame for some decent background music to set the mood for the game. The channel offers even more varied views and discusions on Privateer Press and other companies game systems. Recently L.W.Y.P, has teamed up with Steampowered Tv to create crossover battle reports, content and tournament reports. Make sure to give this channel a good look.


SteamPowered/Page 5 Canadians:
YAY! A Canadian warmachine youtube channel. The real funny thing is these guys are based in Edmonton, Alberta. Only a few hours away. Who knew? Anyways I recommend both channels because there is a channel change between the old Steampowered Canadian page to the new Page 5 Canadians. "Hummm I wonder if I can convience them to film one of our tournaments"?. Good content and commentary, worth taking a look.


The Last Channel I would like to talk about today is the Doremicom, this channel covers lots of material, everything from GW products to Privateer Press. There are indepth discusion pannels, contest giveaways, and much more. There is alot of hard work and effort put into this youtube channel, theres this layer of quality and polish that is very professional. The Doremicom is a great channel, check it out if you haven't already!


Now there are still so many more channels to check out, but these are just a few of my recommendations.

Thats all for tonight, Next up the Storm Da Fort Touranment Article.

Adam Tremblay.

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