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War and More: The Eternal Winter Waaagh!!

Saturday, February 5 · 9:30am - 5:00pm

Location@Wonderland Toy and Hobby

Created By

More InfoWhen: Feb 5th 2011
Points: 2500
3 games starting at 9:30 and continuing until we are finished.
Entry Fee: $20
...Lunch Included
Prizes for: Best general, Best Over all, Best army list, Best painted. Obviously Best army list and painting are subjective. :)

Players pack can be downloaded here:


9:30am - 10:00am Registration and setup

10:00am-12:15pm Game one

12:15pm-12:45pm Lunch / Display and vote for best painted

12:45pm-3:00pm Game two

3:15pm-5:30pm Game three

5:45pm Awards

6:00pm Store closes




Player Conduct and Expectations
All players have the right to play games and have fun in a safe environment free from discrimination or harassment

Cheating (misrepresenting rules, dice rolls, or other game mechanics to affect the outcome of the game) is not tolerated, and subject to action from the tournament organizers including by not limited to, forfeiture of the current match, loss of points to overall score, or ejection from the tournament as a whole. We are all here to have fun, so please don’t ruin that for others.Extremely poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Sportsmanship is a critical part of your overall score in the tournament, but more importantly, it is a fundamental aspect of gaming. Being a poor sport spoils the fun for everybody and will not be allowed. The tournament organizers will deal with extremely poor sportsmanship as they see fit, in the interest of not spoiling the fun for other players.Respect other people’s property. If something does not belong to you, ask permission before you touch it. If you are required to handle another player’s figures, treat them with the utmost care and respect. You put a lot of work into your army, and so did your fellow players, so be careful.Stealing or theft will not be tolerated and is subject to immediate ejection from the tournament as well as more severe consequences. If something does not belong to you, do not touch it without permission.

All entrants must
conduct themselves in a suitable manner that does not bring themselves, another player, or the hobby into disrepute.


Game Set-Up Rules
· Players should ensure that they have their armies clearly displayed at the beginning of the game. You’re putting your opponent at a disadvantage if they cannot clearly see your force. A box top, cutting board, or cooking pan are all effective ways to display your army.


Game one
will be Meeting Engagement as written on page 149 of the WHFB rulebook. Game two will be the Watchtower scenario as written on page 150 of the WHFB rulebook with the following exception. The game will last 6 turns if time permits, and the player capturing the tower or building will not automatically win, but will be awarded an additional 1250 victory points at the end of the game. Game three will be the Blood and Glory scenario on page 148 of the WHFB rulebook with the following exception: Once a player has been reduce to their breaking point the game does not end; however, the player who has reduced their opponent to the breaking point will be awarded an additional 1250 victory points at the end of the game.

· At the start of each round, the 
match pairings, along with the table assignment for each pairing will be announced. Players should move to their assigned table and greet their opponent.

Terrain and scenery is placed on the table by tournament organizers and may not be moved. The use of magical terrain from the WHFB rulebook will be optional, but only if both players wish not to use it.

You must bring all materials you will need to play. This includes dice, measuring implements, templates, models, rulebooks, army books, and any special rules you will be using.

how to deploy. Players will deploy their forces based on the rules in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rulebook, unless otherwise stated.
Each game will last 6 rounds or until the 2-hour 15mins time limit has elapsed, which ever comes first.
Players are encouraged to find resolution to rules disputes on their own. If they cannot the question will be brought to one to the three player judges at the tournament.

Characters, Lords 615pts/625pts470 pts Grey Seer.- Dispel Scroll, Level 4 (Lore of Ruin/Plague).
- Screaming Bell.
- IronCurse Icon
145 pts Warlord- Sword of Shift Slaying, Enchanted Shield, Potion of Strength, DragonBane Gem.

Characters, Heroes 339pts/625pts124 pts Chieftain.
- Shield, Halberd, Battle Standard Bearer
- Storm Banner
150 pts Warlock Engineer.- Warp-Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket
- Level 2 (Lore of Ruin)

65 pts Warlock Engineer.- Brass Orb
Core 736pts>625pts
132.5 pts Clanrats.
- Shields, Standard, Musician, Champion
- Size: 25
 236 pts Clanrats.- Shields, Standard, Musician, Champion
- Size: 48
70 pts Warp-Fire Thrower. – Size: 1
52 pts Skaven Slaves.- Slings, Musician- Size: 20
52 pts Skaven Slaves.- Slings, Musician- Size: 20
280 pts StormverminChampion, Standard, Musician
-Razor Standard
-Size: 30

23 pts Giant Rats-Size: 5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster
23 pts Giant Rats-Size: 5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster

Special 319pts/1250pts108 pts Gutter Runners.
-Size: 6 –Poisoned Attacks, Slings
108 pts Gutter Runners.
-Size: 6 –Poisoned Attacks, Slings
103 pts Rat Ogres
-Master Bred Ogre
-Size: 2 Ogres, 1 Packmaster

Rare 490pts/625pts250 pts Hellpit Abomination.-Warp-Stone Spikes
150 pts DoomWheel.
90 pts Warp-Lightning Cannon.

Total 2499pts/2500pts

Characters Overview

 Using my old Orctoberfest list as my original template and after playing in a lower point tournament afterwards, I've had alot of time to playtest and experiment with the skaven faction over the break and I've wanted to try out some new tricks and re-invent some old ones. First up is the Grey Seer on the Screaming Bell, now theres alot of mixed opinions on how to use a Grey Seer and what is the optimal build for the model. I've usually ignored this because I try not to listen to the meta game(Hopefully) I tend to look at the game in more of a unit utilization perspective and tend to throw in some experimental elements as well. I like to play aggressive, but not to the point where I charge headlong into pointless combats, but not too patiently that I miss a critical opportunity that could change the pace of the game. The Long and Short(Move all the time, and don't be too reckless ). Anyways getting back to the point, the Grey Seer is expensive, even without the bell, but when you spread out the points of an army to create several threat vectors, then your opponent can get distracted by the shinny or big scary model, Ex: The bell. Even without the bell, my opponents will be bombarding the unit, so why not have them focus on the bell? Missile weapons choose to shoot it or the unit, but with Toughness 6 and a 4+ ward save and 6 wounds, standard missile weapons will be hard pressed to kill it when there are so many more important models on the board to deal with. Template weapons that hit the unit will lose alot of their effectiveness, because the bell will cover most of the template in most situations. Another real neat added feature of taking a large target general is that your command range is extended to 18 inchs instead of 12, I really enjoy this particular change because it allows players to spread out their armies and not be restricted to a simple battleline. Lastly you lose the bell and its destroyed, this happens once in a while, but its rarely been a game changer for me in most situations. Sure I lose the 4+ ward, but now basically my unit can hide the lord, and he can actually leave if he needs to. Also if the Grey Seer Dies or only the bell does, that victory points my opponent will never get unless he kills both, so its basically free Vpts that are almost never going to be lost. Moving on from the bell, the Seer has the all important dispel scroll(Frankly its still very useful and helps alot on that game changing turn) and the Ironcurse Icon, which for 5pts is......amazing a free 6+ ward save against warmachines, yes please. Not to mention if I know my opponent is going to shoot that unit all game anyway, why not take it?

Looking back at Orctoberfest, I really regret not looking for a way to stuff a Skaven Warlord into the list. Sure the Chieftain is cheaper and less of an investment, but a cheap warlord can go along way in reducing the effectiveness of enemy super characters. Now the choice for a weapon was rather difficult, because unlike before there are so many options to kit out a combat character, but I felt like the Sword of Swift Slaying was a pretty good choice, it gives him ASF(Always Strike First) which, unlike before is actually pretty crucial. He gets to go first in a challenge or combat and if he has higher int(which is 7) he gets to reroll his hits and I find that this makes all the difference. Next he has the Enchanted shield for some cheap armour, and the potion of strength for that critical challenge or combat. Lastly I added the DragonBane Gem for 2 reasons: Its only 5pts and a 2+ against flame could happen and since I don't have the room to take any real protection, why could come in handy you never know when Skull Taker is going to wreck your day.
The Heroes are pretty self explained, the BsB is there for rerolls and I wanted to have the Stormbanner because its one of the few Items that allows me the ability to dictate the flow of a game. Next the Warlock mage, was there to provide more spells, a DOOOM ROCKET and the warp-energy condenser...yay....Now to say the least the last character is a bit of a gimic, but if the brass orb hits its going to be a hard game for alot of armies. But its still a risk that might not pay off, but I'm curious to see how it works out.

Core Overview

The core in the Skaven army rarely changes and can be rather boring to talk about, so I'll just talk about the new and interesting changes I have made to the old Orctoberfest list. First off theres the new Stormvermin, which I have to honestly say I've been refusing to buy. Now its not because of the models or the pts values or even their stats, but its been the price tag. Now I'm a college student, so money is very tight and sure 20 guys is better then getting 10 from the greatswords box, but I was still a bit put off by the Canadian Price tag. Now I'm sure its more expensive in other areas around the world, but I eventually bit the bullet and bought the kit and I cannot say it was a bad choice, frankly the kit is worth its price tag and when ranked up it looks beautiful....Anyways I've given them the Razor Standard which is rather cool because the added armour piercing allows them to kill alot more 5+ armour save troops and weaken 4+ troops. Throw the BsB and the Warlord into this unit and it has broken a 50 Dwarf Warriors unit in Horde formation, and I honestly can't say it happens everyday, but it did in my last 2 practice games. The next big change is the inclusion of 2 giant rat units. Now this is an older tactic that I found out about along time ago in 7th edition, but I never really utilized it until now. Basically the units are 5 giants and 1 packmaster, which costs only a mere 23pts. What do they do? Not much but this is one of those units that exists to get in the way and be really annoying(Hopefully not to me..) The first purpose is to extend my deployments so that I don't have to show where my most important elements are being placed until the end of my opponents deployment. That way I can place the bell, hellpit, cannon and doomwheel in spots that benefit my deployment rather then my opponent's. The next point about these units is to create a re-direction zone for my opponent, so that I can force them to engage this "useless" unit and therefore set up my counter charges. The last reason to include this unit is to tie up warmachines. If the Gutter Runners fail(Which can happen) this unit can hopefully advance forward with its Mv 6 and distract the enemy at least. They are unlikely to kill anything, but the idea is to buy myself at least a round before combat hopefully. Now without thinking about it I realize that this leaves me open to many panic tests, but with proper placement and usage I can hopefully midigate this weakness. Also they are only 23pts.....

Special Overview

This section has had some of the biggest changes in terms of playstyle for myself personally. Now I love me some Plague Monks, and think having Toughness 4 and Frenzy is truly fantastic,,, whats not to love right? Well I still think they can be an effective part of any skaven list, but because of my list design and what I want from this unit I just can't to seem to make them work. If I had a Plague Furnace or was playing in a larger pts game I'd take a larger unit of them. However the role they need to function in my list anyway was a semi-hammer/anvil. They needed the option to break a drawn out combat(which to some extent are capable of) and a unit that can take a few hits and still hold long enough for another hammer to engage. Now Toughness 4 and 3 attacks really help, but with Ws 3, Str3, Int 2 and complete lack of armour, this unit struggles against even weaker troops that are in horde, so this unit will suffer a fair amount of death from small arms fire and step-up attacks. So for the sake of experimentation I've decided to leave them at home for this tournament at least. The next addition to the army was the surprisingly effective unit of 2 Rat Ogres and Packmaster. This unit has actually impressed me with how its been able to function on the table. It dishes out 9 Str 5 attacks, a Str 3 and 2 stomp attacks, all at Int 4 and 5, not bad for 103pts. I find that my opponents ignore this unit for some of the more flashy tagets and it combined with other elements in this list actually pack quite a punch. Now I'm not saying they can take on a horde unit, but you never know when several well placed Str 5 attacks can come in handy. I'm very surprised and impressed.

Rare Overview
Now the rare is rather simple and each thing does what you'd expect, the cannon shoots, the doomwheel gets people annoyed and the Hellpit scares the pants off everyone! If there's one bit of meta that I know it is that everyone takes fire to take out A)the Hydra and B)the Hellpit. So knowing this I believe that having 2 hellpits can be a risky investment; while its nice and scary its borderline dimishing returns. Now while 2 can be even more effective then one, I find that once people have found a way to deal with the Hellpit in their army(Ex: flame banner, flaming bolt throwers, and peasent bowmen) they typically don't have problems dealing with 2. The only difference of course is the amount of turns it takes for them to deal with 2 vs 1, but honestly if your only target with the hellpits is to attack a death star unit with the flame banner, then is 2 hellpits really worth it then? YES!!!! lol. But seriously it all depends on the list and the tournament scene, so most of this is just personal opinion. Plus the model is just beautiful, so pick up if you don't own it.
Final Thoughts
Well I've had several practice games with this list already and I think it matchs my playstyle very well, which is to keep the pressure on, but never get too cocky and charge in too soon. Its always better to create a concave so that your opponents line is broken up, therefore allowing you to engage from multiple angles with a reliable distance to charge. 2D6 charging is hardly random when you know that Mv5+2 is seven inchs, so with this in mind it can be easier to charge when you know what your opponents Mv value is, Ex: Humans are Mv4 +2 (6) for charges. Alot of the time you can find a sweet spot where your troops can out reach your opponent, cav are prime examples of this because they get even longer charging opportunities. I try to focus on boging down my opponent and/or re-directing them with cheap units. This removes the likely hood of failing my important charges and ending up out in the open.

All in all I'm happy with this list and I think it matchs the missions well, with meeting engagement being the exception(Its a skaven army, its huge and I'm bound to have some units deploy in reserve). I feel confident about the list and I'm fairly comfortable with how to play it, so hopefully it can translate into 3 wins, but thats just wishful thinking of course and I'm curious to see how it handles against other horde armies, because you never know how someone else might play the same faction, it could be completely different and unique. Needless to say I'm excitied to find out.

Disclaimer( Now you'll notice the lack of photos for most of my games in this tournament, actually in fact there is only one picture that turned out. Basically I had one photo done, before my camera died on me and didn't have a replacement battery, so unfortunately these photos are all I got from the event. To be honest though, I only ended up playing on 2 boards the whole tournament and one game was even against an unpainted army.)

Magic Terrain All of the tables had different but similiar setups: 1-2 mysterious forests, 1-2 mysterious hills, and a giant random tower feature in the middle of the board. A quick reference sheet was provided and players had the option of ignoring the magical terrain if they wanted to. In all of my games I played with the magic terrain rules and you'll see how it did or didn't impact the game as a whole.

(And now a very long winded Monty Python and the Holy Grail joke!)

To cross the bridge you must answer three questions:

What is your name? KHORNE!!!!!(Game 1)So as you might have guessed already I played against a Khorne Daemon army,,,,yikes. Let me get the checklist out and see how khorne this army is Does he have:
-(2) Big Bloodletters blocks in a horde.......Check
-(2) Units of Flesh Hounds of Khorne.......Check
-A Death star unit of BloodCrusherss with a herald of Khorne.....Double Check.
-Ummm and ohhh yeah a BLOODTHIRSTER!!!!

To make matters even more dire, he had the Forge World Greater Daemon model which is just massive in scale....... soooo yeah very daunting to say the least. The mission was meeting engagement, meaning that we deploy diagonally across from one another and roll to check if elements of our armies arrive in reserve. Now believe it or not, I never rolled a single one, therefore I could comfortably deploy my entire army and not worry about a thing, even though I have rather large amount of deployments. My opponent Will, passed every roll as well, except for his Blood Thirster.....I had the first turn, so I shuffled and spread out my battle line, moving a slave unit and the doomwheel to protect the warplightning cannon on the hill(Normal hill) that was deployed on my left flank, from the soon to be advancing BloodCrusher unit parallel to it. I moved the giant rats forward on the right side of the tower, and set them up in such a way so that I will be able to force the Bloodletter horde to line up and force them to face towards the tower, and therefore slow them down for a turn or 2. The magic phase was irrevelant during the first turn. In Will's turn he reacted in very much the way I expected him to and engaged the rats and as a result was stuck in a bad position. The second horde advanced up and looked menacing at my army and the BT waited for a different turn to show up. In my turn 2 several things occurred that were unexpected, the rat ogres frenzied, even with a reroll and decided to charge the horde that got redirected towards the building and I charged in the second slave unit to hopefully add some static resolution or split the BL's attention. I managed to kill quite a few BLs about 8 and lost an ogre and several slaves. I lost the combat and broke, and the exploding slave unit took down some more BLs and the rat ogre ran off, but the horde couldn't purse due to the building. In the meantime I flank charged his second horde with the good old hellpit....yeah and rolled a feed roll, which killed a few BLs, but thunderstomp was the real champ here. But he still had a whole horde of BLs and the hellpit was content to chomp for a while.

In the Magic phase I Skitterleap my Brass orb engineer behind the Bloodcrushers and actually killed off 3 out of 6,, not too bad at all. While the gutter runners march blocked his battleline. In his turn he wounded the doom wheel with his bloodcrushers and would eventually kill it off over the next turn. The redirected horde managed to weather 2 rounds of magic/shooting leaving it underhalf strength. The other horde was getting rapidly reduced and he brought his BT on the board so that next turn he could charge the hellpit. In the meantime a clanrat unit was fending off 5 flesh hounds that had tried to flank my forces(Got to love Swift-Reform). I proceeded to lose the doomwheel and charge the stormvermin into the slowed down horde and actually destroyed the whole unit in one round of combat. I try to shoot at the BT, but nay it was not to be as the WLC continued to waste its points. I then proceed to use the stormbanner on Will's turn to further slow down the BT, but alas the BT is too fast and smashs into the hellpit exploding it. In the next turn the BT is left out in the open and I have one last chance to deal with it before it carves into my army, I shoot the WLC and low and behold I roll a Str 2 value, but then proceed to roll a 6+ to wound. He gets no armour from the cannon and fails his 5+ ward save, and I happy proceed to roll a 6 for wounds......BOOOOM. The only model on the board was the one herald from the bloodcrusher unit and Will called it quits......Massive Victory!!! :)

Model of the Game: Now this one is rather difficult and I could very easily give it to the Hellpit or the Cannon, but in reality thats what these units normally do. I believe it goes to the Giant rat units, because not only did the redirect and force both units into bad positions(1 against the tower and the other provided a nice flank charge) but they also killed several BLs before they died, so a 3pt rat killed a 12pt or more BL, not bad at all.

What is your Quest? To take the Tower from the Trolls!!!!(Game 2)
My next game was a rather interesting one, because I played off against Jeremy, who happened to bring a WoC Troll Army. Now apparently Jeremy had most of his army destroyed by his 1 year old and as a result had no painted mini's and even included proxy models to fill in what ever list he could make. Now knowing all this I can understand him doing what he did in the tournament, but it really did take away some of the visual appeal of the game for me, but never the less I was playing watch tower against trolls with regenerate....! Now I won the roll and decided to be the defender and placed a 20 man slave unit to hold the tower. Now taking some advice from a player that participated in the Uk WHFB Masters, indirectly of course I decided to sacrifice the army to keep control of the tower, because regardless of how many guys I will lose the worst I can get is a draw. This whole match revolved around me switiching units out and jumping new ones in to stop the advancing troll horde from gaining control over the tower. The game changing battle was when my Rat ogres charged into the front(But because of the tower the frontage was restricted to 3 trolls) the stormvermin charged the flank and the doomwheel smashed into the rear of this horde unit of 14 trolls. The doom wheel blasted a couple and smashed a few others, the stormvermin racked up a decent total, thanks to the BsB and the Warlord, and lastly the Rat ogres carved up several other slowminded trolls. I took very few return attacks and broke the unit an proceeded to run it down. Also during this game we discovered that the tower was in fact a tower of blood and therefore every unit within several inchs gained hatred and frenzy, as you can tell it makes a difference to stormvermin. Having held the tower and destroyed his largest unit, I managed to gain another massive win and would move on to the finals.

Unit of the Match: This time I have to give it to the rat ogres which added so much to the combat and being quicker then trolls were able to smash several to add to the overall combat. Its a great cheap and effective unit when used at the right time.
What is your favorite colour!!!
GREEN!!! The colour of lizardmen blood! or is it!
(Game 3)

For the last game in the series I played off against Brian, who had a rather impressive looking lizardmen army, and he had been smashing all who opposed him up this point with 2 massive victories and I hopefully could meet his challenge! Now looking at this list he had built it for the mission Blood and Glory and to honest he had a fair amount of standards and my only hope of winning this game was being able to take down his 2 big horde units of standard lizardmen blocks and kill the engine of the gods. I used alot the several of my tactics to redirect his forces and surprisingly it worked again like clockwork. He had only the one magic user, so I was able to command a fairly powerful magic phase, which would help later down the road. The last big concern was being able to deal with his powerful combat characters and that would be a real challenge and I knew my best bet was to delay his army and pick off points where I could and weaken his block before advancing. I managed to whittle down both blocks of infantry and with a lucky Dreaded 13th, was able to kill off one unit. At the end of the game I had several units fleeing, but thankfully I still keep those Vpts and all I had actually lost was 2 banners(Including BsB) and the warlord, which thankfully wasn't the general. At the end of the game I had scored a minor victory and we would see what doom would await me as we waited for the final results.

Model of the Match: This one has to go to the Doom Wheel, because it was able to tear into several salamander units during the game and also was able to scare off most of his Skink units from even playing a part in this game.....Fear the spinning wheel of DOOM!

Now all Monty Python jokes aside it turned out to be a real great tournament and all the players there had fun and hopefully can come to future events and continue to grow the community and promote more competition in the region and can jump on board with our RHQ tournament program. With that said, there was a couple hiccups I found that occured during the tournament, but the TO's and tournament organizers have assured me that all confusion and organization problems have been dealt with. So with out further delay, heres the final results!

Stephen Lind(Best Overall)
Adam(YAY!!) (Best General)
Brian Duffels (Best Painted)
Craig McMullen (Best Sport)
Jeremy Goldsack(A can primer....Time to Paint!!!)

For Best General I won a Custom Trophey Designed by a friend of mine Ian, cut them out of metal and Jason Richards(Store Owner) Painted up them up. Each one is pretty heavy and have magnets to place Army Icons on, so for mine Ian will be doing up a Skaven symbol that I can add to the trophy at a later date. The second part of my prize was a cash prize which I spent on some good old greatswords, which I will be talking about in a future blog post under the Daily D6 Blog on this site.

Lastly thanks to everyone for lending me pictures for this article (Mike, Lange, Nathan, and Brian) Hopefully I can have more time and batteries to take more of my own.

Thanks for Reading the Article and Keep On Wargaming!

Till Next Time,

Adam Tremblay.
Stephen LindSkavenn/a n/a n/a 1
Brian DuffelsLizardmenn/a n/a n/a 2
Adam TremblaySkavenn/a n/a n/a 2
Darren PerraDark Elvesn/a n/a n/a 4
troy glowaskyWarriors Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 5
Lange GrinevitchLizardmenn/a n/a n/a 6
Tyler BourgonDaemons Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 7
Will KuhnDaemons Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 8
Craig McMullenVampire Countsn/a n/a n/a 9
Mike SweetmanWarriors Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 10
Jaron LeclercHigh Elvesn/a n/a n/a 10
Donald BrowneDwarfsn/a n/a n/a 12
Nathan PullanWood Elvesn/a n/a n/a 13
Stephanie KuhnDaemons Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 13
Craig HolmesVampire Countsn/a n/a n/a 15
Jeremy GoldsackWarriors Of Chaosn/a n/a n/a 15
ken maherSkavenn/a n/a n/a 17

These judges will be selected the day of the tournament, and will attempt to find a correct ruling for all disputes in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook, or other available resources. In the interest of not halting a game for too long, if a ruling cannot be found quickly, the player judges will make a ruling (or have the players roll a D6 to determine who’s interpretation will be accepted). Please accept any ruling in good sportsmanship and with a smile, and continue to enjoy your game. In the case where two judges are playing the third will settle any disputes, and when playing a judge you can ask another judge about rules problems. These rulings are made impartially in the interest of fun for everyone, and they are final once made and not open for further dispute.

· Each scenario will specify 


. Acting in an unsafe manner or making another player feel uncomfortable will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the tournament organizers.

Wonderland’s Winter

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