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War and More: 1st Steamroller

Hello again everyone! Just a quick entry today about a relatively new and small event that was hosted last weekend at my local gaming shop.

Now for the past few months Warmachine/Hordes has been building up alot of excitement since the local store first started selling the product back in March. Here finally was the first event for the game and we had some special conditions for our First Ever Steamroller.

-Two different 25pts Army Lists from Warmachine or Hordes using the same faction.
...-There will be a total of three games
-$15can  is the current entry fee.
-Players are chosen at random, but opponents will know which faction you play, not your lists however and you'll be able to decide which list you use before each game.

-Theme Tier Lists are legal and therefore allowed in the tournament

-Armies must contain the correct models (No Proxy)
-Armies must be fully painted, with at least 3 colours

-All Players must bring a rulebook, tape measure, and the correct game supplies, including a way to mark damage boxes.

Finally if you decide to use a Hordes faction you must have the most updated Pdfs that you can find online at the Privateer Press Homepage. To find the link check our links section on the main club page.

10am Start time
-First Game----------10:15am - 11:45am ---------- Mission: Killing Field
-Lunch----------------11:45am - 12:45pm ---------- Mission: Achieve caster kill against hunger

-Second Game-------12:45pm - 2:15pm ----------- Mission: Mosh Pit
-Third Game----------2:15pm - 4:00pm ----------- Mission: Throw Down

Since this event was the first event our store has held for warmachine the number of people wasn't as large as a normal warhammer tournament would have been, but every army was painted at least.

For the SteamRoller I decided to use the Protectorate of Menoth, since I love the knight theme that the army can support and considering that regardless what army you pick in the game. It comes down to the mission and how you manage your units on the table top that determines the victor. So my first choice for a caster was pretty simple, Epic Kreoss. Now why didn't I pick the Prime version of Kreoss? Well I do like how the prime version's feat knocks down units, making the task of caster killing or objective taking much easier. Now thats fine and that tactic works fairly well, but what I like about the Epic version is the support he gives his army and how he just makes Exemplar Knights, Errants, and Bastions, so much better.

Epic Kreoss, 6+ warjack points
Templar, 8pts-6pts = 2pts
Min Choir of Menoth, 2pts
Min Exemplar Errants, 5pts
Unit attachment, 2pts
Exemplar Knights, 5pts
Full Exemplar Bastions, 8pts


For my second list I change only a couple of things: the caster,(the Testament of Menoth) and a Hierophant. I appericate the option to have a necromatic army inside a knight themed list, allowing me to revive dead soldiers and use them as meat shields to clean up or hold objectives. I tried this list a few times before the tournament and enjoyed playing with it and thought it could add an interesting element to my gameplan.

Testament of Menoth, 6+ warjack points
Templar, 8pts-6pts = 2pts
Min Choir of Menoth, 2pts
Min Exemplar Errants, 5pts
Hierophant, 2pts
Exemplar Knights, 5pts
Full Exemplar Bastions, 8pts

Game 1In my first game I played against a regular at the shop, Jason who brought his Retribution army of Mage hunter goodness to test my new squire menoth army. Hopefully after this game I'd earn the armour on my knights back. The mission was Killing field which involves seting up 3 control points across the middle of the map and every turn except for the first turn if a model is on a control point it gains Victory points, once that player reaches 7 Vpts the game is over, unless there is a caster kill instead. For this game I used the Testament of Menoth and figuired all I would have to do is march up to a control point in the center, wait till his caster got within range and pop my feat, allowing my army to walk into his casters face, easy....yeah right. because of the Testament's small Control range and low focus I needed to keep the army within 10 inchs to gain soul tokens and therefore revive them creating a blob of unkillable models. Problem was though, this allowed my opponent to spread out and quickly capture the other 2 control points rather early on and allowed him to win by objective on turn 5. Not the ideal way to lose, but hey nothing like a steep learning curve to get you more interested.

Game 2At this point I knew winning the tournament was pretty hard at this point, but hey no prob I just need to win 2 games right. The next mission was Mosh Pit which is just great fun to play, its even more entertaining when your opponent takes Karchev the Terrible and has 3 other heavy warjacks with mechanics and a wardog. Mosh Pit for those of who don't know is where you have to control the center of the board in an 16inch diameter bubble. I must say though about his army was that it is a treat for the eyes, but unfortunately my camera was broken (go fiquire) so I didn't get a chance to take Pictures, so when I do they will be uploaded. This game was quick, short and fun to play. He walked on to the objective, I counter attacked and popped my feat with Epic Kreoss, allowing all friendly models to hit automatic in melee and get an additional attack as well. Basically I destroy 3 Khador Heavy warjacks in one turn.....yeah that was AWESOME! I eventually won by caster kill, but man that pretty much sold me on Epic Kreoss.

Game 3The last game was against a fellow Cygnar player and what a way to end the tournament, with a clash between the epic versions of Haley and Kreoss. Shane had a relatively shooty list that involved alot of Lightning, defender shells and Arc node goodness. I was able to shut down his arc node thankfully due to Kreoss's one spell and protect the Templar from Haley's manipulation of warjacks using the Choir's special chant. Since the mission was Throwdown I had my bastions hold one objective and the Exemplar Errants holding the other. The bastions could soak up alot of damage while the errants could avoid electric blasts from Haley's spells thanks to the unit attachment's ability to prevent them from being targetted. Shane wasn't able to shake me from the objectives and I resisted his counter attack with the defender and charger to grant me the win.

ResultsIn the end it was a close call for determining the winner since most players had 2 wins and 1 loss. But Troy with his Khador Army lead by the Old Witch was able to jump ahead by gaining the much needed 3 wins. Dustin was able to get the best painted award for his Rhulic Dwarf army (will get pictures) and out of some random chance of luck I won the door prize. Each winner got to pick from a model box or Faction Book. I decided I needed more flame to my army and picked up a vanquisher heavy warjack.

My next tournament report should be around the end of Augest once the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Ard Boyz kicks off at that time.

Till then see you guys later! 

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