Friday, July 15, 2011

V For Vindictus!

Todays Roll:
2+....for Brettonian knights! Those guys are bloody tough with a 2+ armour save and a 6+ ward save that is upgraded to a 5+ if you use Str 5 or higher. If your like me and have a friend that always....ALWAYS makes his 6+ ward, then you know how hard these knights can be at times...

Vice Scrutator Vindictus:

In Menoth's Name!Lately I have been testing out three different warcasters for my protectorate of menoth force and I have had alot of fun using the same army, but each time with a different caster. Now if your new to warmachine you'll notice as you pick different warcasters for the same army list, the whole battle plan can drastically change. Last week I tested out the Testament of Menoth, who I find an absolute blast to use, even though he might not be the easiest warcaster to use in a menoth army. Now Vindictus is a completely different beast all together, but as I found out while using him in my force he plays similar to the ToM in some ways. Mostly in the way he buffs infantry, but unlike the ToM has a much more aggressive playstyle.

Thoughts on VindictusAt first glance he seems like an average warcaster with limited uses, and a below average situtational feat. But after using him for an extended period, I have found him a really great objective caster and he can make your army a very very mobile force.

Starting with his built in abilities he has pathfinder, sac-pawn[Zealot] which means he can through a cheap zealot in the way of a ranged attack, and everytime he boxes an enemy model you get a free zealot to add to your army. Next he has 2 reach weapon attacks one with a chain weapon the other with a sword, nothing really special here but at least they are magical. Now he's not the most frontline caster, since he has pretty much average stats, so you do need to watch out for the butcher and any other combat monsters. Now after looking at his basic abilities he seems to want to run with a zealot heavy army, and by all means he can be a great caster to use with them. But after looking at his spell deck, he can really make any troop type or warjack work with him.

He has five spells that have relatively low focus costs: His Focus is 6
-True Path(3)
-Rift (3)
-Defenders Ward(2)

Now argueably his best and most important spell is True Path, which allows all units and solos to have pathfinder and 2+ movement. If you use exemplar vengers, idrian skirmishers and daughters of the flame, they can really abuse this buff and can charge on the first turn if your opponent moves up or advance deploys. This spell will always be used in every game and army he takes.. and is game changing in my mind. I however like to make my slow(but very tough) exemplar bastions into MV 6 tanks of death and have them camp on an objective early in the game. My other exemplars are even faster now so they can make some pretty impressive charges at a critical points in a game.

Immolation is the standard menoth magic missile spell and Rift is missile spell that can create rough AOE 3 terrain in addition. I want to try these spells out more with an arc node in future lists, but I usually don't have enough focus to cast them. Next Sac-lamb is a nice toolbox spell that lets me kill a friendly trooper and then get a free focus on all my warjacks in my Cntl. I love using this ability with exemplar knights, because they only get stronger as I kill them off. Finally theres the amazing Defenders ward, which gives a target unit or model 2+ to their defense and armour...not a bad upkeep spell. Now Vindictus's feat is very strange and situational, but pretty interesting. If an enemy model damages a friendly model while in his Cntl area, that model recieves one damage point. Basically its really good against shooting armies because my army advances quickly and for one critical turn they can risk killing my army, but will lose models in the exchange. Now against warjacks/beasts they only ever recieve one damage point, so they can kill any number of guys and recieve only ever one damage point.
What does his army look like?

Well in reality he can run with any model in the faction and do well with them, he tends to like infantry units the most, but he can use warjacks well too, he does have limited focus options though. I tried the same list as last time, but with two minor changes. I added a UA for the Exemplar Errants to allow them to 1) have more guys, 2) gain the tactic:Quick work which allows the unit to shoot out of combat if they kill a model in melee, 3)pathfinder, and most importantly 4) Spell ward, which prevents enemies from targeting the unit with spells. I found this mixture very powerful, because I usually have my bastions cover one objective and the errants the other and they become very difficult to remove. Finally to change up the list a little bit more I have thrown in a vassal mechanik to keep the vanquisher running smoothly as it is my only warjack in this list.

Vice Scrutator Vindictus- 6+
Vanquisher- 2pts
Choir- 2pts
Exemplar Knights- 5pts
Exemplar Errants, with UA- 7pts
Full unit of Exemplar Bastions- 8pts
Vassal Mechanik- 1pt

Total 25pts

Next week I'll be taking a look at my third warcaster Epic Kreoss and explaining his playstyle and tactics.
Until then catch you guys later

Adam. Tremblay.

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