Friday, July 15, 2011

The Templar: a Smashing Good Time

Todays Roll2D6 and rolled a 7, then add a POW of 14......totaling a value of 21! Thats 2 points of damage to......wait your Warjack has a shield.........   >:( 

The Templar


That shield isn't just for looks you know

This was the first warjack I've ever painted and played with, and it hasn't disappointed. Not only the look of this model, but its rules as well showed me how fun this model can be. In fact it was the only warjack I took to my first tournament back in May, and needless to say it performed exactly as I thought it would, smashing stuff to scrappy pulp.

So what does the Templar have to offer? Well for starters its armour 21 thanks to its shield making it more survivable then most other Menoth Heavies. Next it has a chain weapon and more importantly reach, the chain weapon is nice because when you face another tough warjack that happens to rely on his own shield or buckler (Nomad, Lancer, Devastator) it can ignore all that and keep its own, unless your opponent has a templar as well.....The chain weapon seems to be a theme for Menoth, alot of other heavys also have chain weapons (Vanquisher, Scourge, Repenter, etc) but its the reach that sells me on the Templar. Reach is a huge advantage to any model let alone a heavy warjack with Spd 4. This makes his possible threat range 10 inchs not to mention if it gets sped up with Witch Hound, Perdition, or enliven. My personal favorite combo with this model is to team him up with the Testament of Menoth, use hallowed avenger (Friends die within several inchs, get a free counter charge) then in your turn crank on the focus and watch as this warjack lays a smack down. I find it weird though that other Menoth warjacks that have morning stars don't have reach? They are longer then the flail, oh well I guess 2 inch threasher would be too overpowered I guess. Lastly the Templar has an ability called Beat-Back meaning it can push the enemy back 1 inch and move up 1 inch for every successful smack. This means to get the most out of the Templar you need 3 focus on that critical turn to make a huge gap in your opponent's battleline. Through playtesting I found the Templar can work well even with low focus casters because you don't need the focus all the time, except for that one critical turn, but you can imagine the value of including a templar with a warcaster with high focus.

One Trick Pony? Its a beat stick plain and simple, it walks up and hits your opponent in the face, but unlike other beat sticks in the Menoth army it has a level of depth to it, by using beat back you can create more options and opportunities for your force to defeat your opponent. Its not as strong as other heavies in the Menoth army, but having reach makes it fairly useful and adaptive. Other then that if you don't have a Reckoner, an Avatar of Menoth and/or a Vanquisher, take a look at the Templar he's a Smashing Good Time.

Till Next Time,

Adam Tremblay

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