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Talvisota, Winter War Tournament

Todays Roll4+........Notice that in 40k if you play an imperial guard army, you have the option to put hunter seeker missiles onto their vehicles. Even though it might seem like a great option to load up on these for all your vehicles, the price tag does begin to add up and your average roll is 50% meaning half of your missiles won't even hit their mark. The other side effect is now that your vehicle has several upgrades it can become a big point sink, meaning it can really hurt if your opponent kills your vehicles with the lucky shots. Plus the item is one use only meaning you need to roll well to get the most from this item.

The Winter War

Throughout history, many wars have been fought during the Winter time. Most of them end rather quickly, because of the Damn weather. Unfortunately due to the time of year and the weather, the Warmachine tournament that was going to be hosted at the beginning of December(Talvisota, Winter War) was cancelled because we needed at least 2 more people.... :(. So instead we had some friendly games and heres some of the highlights.

John and Jaron's gameThe real interesting part about this game is that John(TO) and Jaron, were both using two completely different armies(Because they still need to gather their forces) from two players that also participated in the event. John was using Darren's almost dark eldar looking Retribution army and Jaron was using the Store owners Cyrx army. It would be a clash between two heavy weights Adeptis Rahn and PDenny...Now I regret not being able to see the entire game because I had to grab lunch, but there are 2 key moments of the match. The first one and probably the most amazing, was when Jaron's death jack, smashed through 2 Phoenix Heavy one turn.....! The next key moment was when a random Death Ripper bonejack, blitz Rahn and for a very brief moment Rahn Stares at impending doom, until he Force SMASHES it to pieces. But in an unfortunate turn of events for Rahn this leaves him wide open to be beaten down by Denny and her beatstick of DOOM!

Troy vs Tyrell

This game pitted Tyrell's Kraye Cygnar list against Troy's Old witch Khador army. This was a really solid match, both Tyrell and Troy started to tear apart each others force, but it was pretty clear that after the 2nd turn that Troy was winning the war of attrition with his Iron Fleshed, Iron Fanged Pikemen. In a last ditch effort Tyrell popped Kraye's feat and cast Full Tilt on his Centurion....making it gallop to an amazing threat range of 15 inchs. Taking Cygnars slowest warjack and having it spring into action like freaking superman, was pretty neat. The Centurion smashed into the Old witch winning Tyrell the game, meaning its never too late to win in Warmachine.

My Games
I managed to have 2 games that day, one against Tyrell and the other against Troy. I brought my typical Vindictious list to each match and heres how they played out.
Vs TyrellAfter witnessing the Supre-Centurion, I was nervous about potentially facing off against his Kraye list. However, fortune would have it that Tyrell chose another warcaster for our game....Siege.... Hum ranged death anyone? We had two control zones to control and I surged forwad with my infantry horde to quickly snatch the objectives. Tyrell does some decent damage with his stormblades unit with UA, but luckly I actually spaced my stuff out. The black 13, storm the other objective, but fail to damage anything significant. Vindictious turns his Vanquisher's attention to the Black 13, who can't dodge its 2 shot flame AOE, thanks to the Vassal of Menoth. Now its around turn 3 and I'm about to win through the mission objective, but I decide why not try to go for Siege as well. I manage to kill my weak zealots that are stuck in combat with Siege, so that I can open fire with everything at the Cygnar Warcaster. Win to me, but Tyrell was a great sport and his list was fairly good and he played it very well, its just I was able to capitalize on certain windows of opportunity and it payed off in the end. Anyways Great game and I can't wait to face off against Tyrell in future events.

Vs Troy
Now as usual, my games with Troy as close and epic, heck this time I actually took pictures.. :)

Left-Right(Manhunter, Gorman DiWulfe, Scrapjack, Yuri the Axe


The unkillable Iron-Fang Pike men


Left-Right(Fenris, Juggernaught, The Old Witch)



Now this was my deployment, and at first you might notice that the bastions are in the pond and that would seem like a mistake at first. But because Vindictious casts True path, all my infantry gain 2+ movement and Pathfinder, so the water is rather pointless.


Heres the layout, I can't remember the mission name off hand, but its from the steamroller package and requires you to control the rectangle in the center. My Forces top to botton: A Full unit of Bastions, Min Choir of Menoth, a Vassal of Menoth, Vanquisher heavy warjack, Exemplar Seneschal, Min Zealots unit and out in Front the Exemplar Errants.

Troys layout: Which is rather hard to see because he deployed in the woods....Fenris, Juggernaught Heavy warjack, Old Witch, 2 Manhunters, Gorman, Scrapjack, Iron fang Pikemen with UA, Yuri the Axe.

Now the only significant thing that occurs from the start to the next picture is that Scrapjack with Avatar of Slaughter, decides to ninja kick the exemplar errants, seneschal and the some of the zealots to death, luckly the seneschal surivives and comes back to life because of his restoration ability, but to wake up and find a full unit of iron fangs on him.


Luckly I buffed him with defenders ward (+2 def and arm) and His own ability kicks in (2+ str and armour) from my many dead laying around. He proceeds to kill over half the unit over a couple turns leaving only 4 left.


Having limited options left, with my bastions getting destoryed by Fenris and manhunters, I decided to go big or go home. I ran the vanquisher into range of the juggernaught, used the vassal to get an additional shot regardless of RoF and targeted the juggernaught who was just in range. I could have hit the Old Witch but she had enough buffs on her that see was practically a stealth model, by hitting the slow warjack I could clip her with the template and put her on fire. I managed to damage the juggernaught and actually did some unexpected damage to the Witch, leaving her with 6 damage boxes left. My hope was that she would suffer fire damage next turn and I could finish her off, unfortunately he rolled a 1 and the fire never took place.... :(. In the following turn Troy proceeded to smash the vanquisher and most of the army. I was going to loss in one more turn and since time was short I just called the game. Another awesome match and I can't wait to face off against the old crone in future tournaments.

In just in time for the holidays I've written 3 articles, because I won't be around and will actually be leaving for my sisters wedding during the break, one will be my first solo review and the second will be my first  "Did you know?" article.....If you only happen to read this article, have a happy holiday and good gaming, see you guys in 2011!

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