Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking the "Pain" out of Painting

Todays RollRolled a 3-5 on the Warp-lightning Cannon Mishap chart(One of many for some reason?). A while back at the Orctoberfest tournament, during my 6th game I managed to roll this result at least 3 turns straight. What happens according to the chart is the cannon rolls a scatter dice and 4D6, the template is strength 10 and could be game changing. Now its not only weird to have rolled this result 3 times, but whats even stranger is rolling 12inchs and the same direction everytime...not even killing a model....Talk about random.

Man this is painfulIf your like me, you might enjoy playing a wargame more then actually painting a complete force. However lately I have been really enjoying the painting more, because most of my local gaming group rarely gathers during one time, unless its a tournament of course. This leaves alot of time to improve the quality of my painting, so when I actually go to a tournament I haven't been twiddling my thumbs for months, ^_^. Recently I have went back to all my armies and have cleaned up all my loose ends so that my forces begin to look like actual armies. One of my more recent tasks and by far my most impressive, has been my ability to base coat, gather 3 min colours and base an entire 200 model skaven force, with many various conversions for Orctoberfest. Believe it or not I feel really engaged now with my painting, to the point where I want to continue to advance my painting skills. Now I have been going on overdrive lately and have completed painting my entire protectorate force. I have to wait for my good camera to get fixed before posting every picture, but heres a spoiler until then


Top Tips to Endurance Painting Now I'm no expert, but I can proudly state that I was able to paint 82 clanrats in one day and with 3 base colours no less. Now that might seem impossible, but as a student in psychology I've learned a trick or two to stimulate my mind long enough to paint none stop.
-Plan, plan, plan. Saying your going to paint is as useful as saying your going to exercise, unless you actively set aside a couple hours and make others around you know what your goals are, your not going to care enough to sit down and paint.
-Set realistic goals. Some nights you'll want to just see what you can paint, but pretty soon after a couple models you might just want to stop mid painting. To avoid this tell yourself for example "I'm at the very least going to paint 10 ork boyz tonight" anything extra is icing on the cake. That way you actually feel like your accomplishing something and not just adding more paint.
-Once you have fiqured out what your going to paint, show only a couple models at a time, otherwise you can start to feel overwhelmed looking at the unfinished pile. Once you have some models done, start gathering them on the table and the colourful horde will inspire you to finish "Just one more" and then another, until your force is painted. Had I not done this I would not have done 82 in one sitting.
-Don't forget to experiment! As your painting your grunt horde, don't be afraid to try different colours to change up individual models. If you make a mistake you can always go back and clean up the model and when the entire force is assembled the army not only has a unified look, but has personality when you get a closer look. You get more inspired as you go along and pretty soon you come up with awesome(or not, lol) colours and highlights that others might not have ever considered using before.
-Try painting several grunts at first to get the paint scheme down and after a bit when that gets boring paint an exciting model like a unit commander or character/monster. These pieces take more planning to paint so make sure you have a good idea on how your going to paint them, but they are probably the most exciting part of the painting process.
-Finally the most important tip to remember is,,,, one thing at a time....Sure you might have a deadline to make(I had 2 weeks) but my theory is as long as you give yourself alittle bit to paint everyday you can make any painting task do-able. Also by getting into the routine of painting a little bit each day you don't feel overwhelmed or rushed which can really impact the quality of your painting.
Also take pride in your painting because at the end of the day your the only one who has to look at your models when you take them home. Take your time and enjoy the process of creating living models. After all is said and done you can relax and enjoy what the full extent of wargaming has to offer. Also don't forget to paint them red because the Red ones move faster....its true!

Till Next Time
Adam Tremblay

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