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Storm Da Fort

Just watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World...make sure to check it out (not saying this because I am canadian...^_^).

Anyways...joking aside heres the tournament run down.

*Pictures by Mike Sweetman.....*

Storm Da Fort

Hello Gamers…

I’m proud announce that the North Peace Wargamers will be running our first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Saturday, September 18, 2010.  Please read over the following rules pack, and get your payment in right away!  If you have any questions please contact Mike Sweetman at:

Date: Saturday, November 6th

Entrance Fee:

Early Bird Entrance Fee: $10 via paypal, or pay Mike Sweetman at a club night in FSJ or at the Grande Prairie  Ard’ Boyz tournament.  After the 16th the price will be raised to $20. Please pay now!

Points: 1500pts

Rounds: Three


This should make sure anyone coming from GP won't need to get up too early, or get home too late (Remember the time Change!)

10am-1030 setup register            1-230pm round three

1030am-12 Round 1                245- 415pm round three

12-1pm Lunch (display armies)        430pm awards door prizes etc...

Awards: I will give cash to GP Players instead of gift certificates.

Best Overall- $30 in Gift Certificates from FSJ hobby store.
Best Sportman- $20 in Gift Certificates from FSJ hobby store.
Best Painted- $20 in Gift Certificates from FSJ hobby store.
Wooden Spoon Award (Last Place) A copy of the Warmachine Rulebook!


I think these are most basic for beginners, and the least random, which vets should like...

Round 1:  Meeting Engagement
Round 2:  Blood and Glory
Round 3:  Battleline


Will be on the tables and should not be moved...we will use basic terrain only...hopefully we will have four-five pieces per table

Scoring System

You can score a possible 10 points each round

7 major victory, 5 minor victory, 3 draw, 2 minor loss, 1 major loss

0-3 for addition we will ask players to write down there best opponent during the tournament at the end of round three (as a possible tie breaker)

We will have a vote during lunch for best painted...people will be asked to display there armies during the lunch hour...

Other Info

1) Players are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner!
2) Your force must be made using the most current rules available (8th Edition Fantasy!).
3) The rule of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) will be in effect.
4) Special Characters MAY be used.
5) Players should bring their own dice, rulers, rules, templates, books and miniatures.
6) You will need one ‘Army List’ to submit and one to play with.
7) If the tournament organizer participates in the tournament, rules quires will be answered by committee.  The TO will be exempt from prizes, and they will not view submitted army lists.  A non-playing volunteer will check the army lists if possible.

Army List
Skaven: 1499pts
Grey Seer 285pts, lore of ruin, Talisman of perservation.
Warlock Engineer 65pts, Doom Rocket, Portents of Verminous Doom.

Cheiftain 122pts, BsB, Halberd, Stormbanner.

Clanrats 186.5pts (37), Shields, Fullcommand.

Clanrats 200pts (40), Shields, Fullcommand.

Poisoned Wind Mortar 65pts.

Skaven Slaves 54.5pts (21), Slings, Musician.
Skaven Slaves 52pts (20), Slings, Musician.

Gutter Runners 144pts (8), Poisoned Attacks, Slings.

Hellpit Abomination 235pts.

Warp-Lightning Cannon 90pts.

Character Overview:
When I saw that the point limit would be 1500pts, instead of starting completely from scratch with my list, I decided the best way to start was to take what worked from my 2500pts army from orctoberfest, and go through a process of elimination, due to % restrictions. So I started with the Grey Seer, who is too good to leave home both for his magic abilities and his great Leadership. I've always had a place in my heart for a fellblade wielding warlord, but by only having 375pts to spend, I just couldn't fit him in...The Screaming bell had to stay home since it brought my grey seer above the limit, but to be honest it really is a point sink at this points level. To keep the grey seers points down I put only the talisman of perservation (4+ward) which is more then enough protection for him.
Keeping the skaven theory: Cheap is more, I decided to limit the points I spent in characters. So I took the BsB, which is an auto-include anyway especially without the bell backing up the infantry. I also gave him the stormbanner, because at this level armies tend to be Rock, Paper or Scissor and a strong shooting phase can make any army cry. I would normally put this banner on stormvermin or plague monks, but not having alot of points it was a better choice to go cheap and leave the plague monks and stormvermin at home.

Finally the most experimental character, the warlock engineer(Not a wizard) with the doom rock and the portents of verminious doom. Again keeping things cheap not taking another wizard, but keeping the cost effective doom rocket and the nice item portents. Basically portents would reduce the base Ld stat of any enemy unit in contact by -1. Subtle, but that -1 can really help against stubborn units making it easier to break them in combat.

In conclusion the characters are pretty simple in function and enabled my army against other forces that might have advantages in their stats or unit sizes. In hindsight the only thing that didn't make a big difference was the portents, but it did help sometimes.

Army Overview :
Rats, lots of them. :). Ok not as many as I could have, but I believe you need some decent heavy units(30-40) in addition to small distraction units(20-less). So while my army was not as large as the other skaven player's in the tournament, I feel like I had more bulk to withstand shooting and drawnout combats though. I took full command, because why wouldn't you, when a champion gives you protection for reducing the effectiveness of characters in challenges. The standard adds to your combat resolution and musicians can allow sooo much fun in movement for infantry. I took a poisoned wind mortar to deal with armoured units, but to be honest I would have been better off with the warp-fire thrower. The short range of the mortar, and the fact if you misfire badly, your opponent can place the template possibly on any of my stuff hurts in the long run. I had that happen 4 times, its a 3-5 result on the chart, sure the warp-fire could be worse running into your own unit and exploding, but at least its random, unlike the mortars which lets your opponent place it anywhere with 3D6 of the target. The warp-fire thrower has shorter range in comparison, but is less risky and can cover more troops, doing an instant panic and D3 wounds (take that ogres!). It comes down more to personal taste, but I didn't really find the mortar that useful,... more of a liability really.

On the Slaves I took only slings and a musician, because the Slings add a great deal to your shooting phase and at first glance you wouldn't guess the sheer amount of bullets this force can muster. Its quite amazing actually. 20 shots if I'm full ranked and 40 if I deploy in 2 ranks...per unit. Sure they hit on 6+ or 7+, but man they sure can kill models quickly.

The special section was rather simple as well because the gutter runners help so much in all my games. I only took one unit because I didn't have the points for 2, so I made an above average unit. Normally I wouldn't leave home with out plague monks and I still think they can be useful in the right context and combinations, but due to the points restrictions I decided on taking other things instead.

Finally the Rare was really a process of elimination for me, because I couldn't take all 3 of my rares that I normally take in larger games. I personally love the doomwheel, because I have seen it kill entire monstrous infantry units and dragons alike, but it really can't damage elite infantry that well. Plus the Hellpit can smash just about anything, which should be no surprize to anyone.The warp-lightning cannon rounds out the force helping to deal with monsters/elite infantry.

I felt that this list had potential to be really competitive, so feeling confident in the list I headed north to meet with the invaders and get ready to storm da fort!

Surprising....No Stormy weather? Or snow?On the way up the roads were actually nice and there wasn't even a cloud in the sky...very weird, considering at this time of year we normally have several feet of snow already by Halloween. The best part of heading to this tournament was that it took place in my old hometown, which I hadn't seen in a few years so I got to see some relatives, celebrate my birthday and play some warhammer. The dice gods must surely be on my side....or Thor at least(I'm part viking afterall), but if thats the case I should have been playing Warriors of Chaos then?...Nevermind.

Anyways as luck would have it we had an equal number of in town players(defenders of the fort) and out of towners(Invaders). The first round was a random draw, but to make it more interesting it was defenders vs invaders. After the 1st game it turned back to the swiss system of winners vs winnners, defeated against each other.

Game 1 :

For my first match up I had the pleasure to play against James Saxty, who had been painting his high elves from scratch the night before...yeah even highlights. James still managed to have a beautiful army and I like the red and black scheme for high elves, good work James! First game was Meeting Engagement, which as most will know by now is the random reserves mission with diagonal deployment. I had one unit of clanrats and the mortar not show up, and James had his spearmen and only wizard not showup...ouch.

Now James, according to Mike, was undefeated going into the tournament, having won up to 8 games...He had an interesting tactic of having a massive unit of 16 silver helms...yeah silver helms. Charging with a lord and while being buffed by his mages, would smash just about anything. Just when I thought Silver Helms might never see the light of day, here they are winning games. Man I love 8th! So I have this massive unit starring me down and of course my mortar is not on the table and James gets the first he boldly marchs across the table with no fear! I did have one thing going for my side though...the hellpit...James had over estimated the charge distance of my basic clanrats and the hellpit. In my turn I charged in like a bat out of hell, rolling slightly average. I was pretty surprised to see his Silver helms lasts as long as they did though, he held me there for 2 whole turns. I did manage to win though and overran into his archers. His Swordsmen decided to advance towards the slave units and after 2 turns of shooting I shot the unit down to a man, GO SLINGS! I then killed him with a lighting bolt... All that was left was the spearmen, but they had been deployed too far away and the gutter runners proceeded to kill the Repeater bolt thrower. At the end of the game I had lost no units and james only had his spearmen block and level 2 mage. Major victory! Not bad, not bad at all. :) James regardless was great player and a good sport, I would have a rematch anytime.

Game 2:
The next game was the infamous Blood and Glory mission, which can make a game of warhammer end by turn 2. Since the breaking point was 2 at this point level, and my army had only a fortitude of 5 I had a decent standard count. Problem though, was that I played against Aaron a great Empire player from Grande Prairie, so I had to put all my eggs in 2 units, and if one unit died it would be game over. Funny enough though Aaron had the same issue and had everything in his greatswords unit. The game boiled down to me throwing as many rocks, lightning, and poison into that unit as possible. I even sent in exploding slaves to try and wear the unit just kept on coming. At the end of the sixth turn that unit was still on the magic buffs at all the whole game. Luckly I managed to kill enough artillary and support units to get another major win putting me against the toughest opponents in the last round. Aaron had some great opinions on the empire and myself being an empire(Averland for the win!) player in addition to skaven, got some interesting ideas to add to my current empire force. Thanks again Aaron for a great game and hope to see you at another tournament soon.

Now its time for the final round and against a very familiar opponent no less.....

Game 3:

.......Troy! Now if you've read any of my other tournament articles, you'll know that Troy is probably the most skilled and veteran player at my local club and has in the past won the majority of tournaments in the region. Troy brought his very powerful Warriors of Chaos army and of course the unkillable Chaos lord on a Juggernaught....The last mission was just a straight beatem up, sooo squishy skaven vs tough warriors. Not looking good. Troy's army was a very compact force that had the potential to smash anything in my army's face, but I had size and units on my side. My hope was to wear down his units and pick them off individually. For the most part this worked and I was able to isolate the Chaos lord, from his army. I got rid of most of his support units, but I did lose units in the process. As the dust cleared the battle points were very close, but I managed to pull out a minor victory with 150pts more then him....

Troy is always a great opponent to play against and he forces me to step my game up all the time. After that game I really felt like I was on cloud nine and it now came down to how well darren would do in his game. He managed to achieve a major victory, which cemented his 1st place win. At the end of the day I felt good regardless, since I had spent my birthday with some good friends and played some warhammer..not a bad day at all.

Darren won the Isle of Blood box set, James Saxty who got the other end of the Karma Bat got a free warmachine mk2 rulebook for his troubles. The results would indicate that the top 5 players who are from out of town achieved victory. Therefore the Fort...has been stormed, until next year of course :)
Darren PerraDark Elves1 n/a 1 1
Adam TremblaySkaven2 n/a 9 2
troy glowaskyWarriors Of Chaos3 n/a 9 3
Aaron LamacchiaEmpire4 n/a 9 4
Tyler MikaOrcs and Goblins5 n/a 1 5
Andrew OrcuttDwarfs6 n/a 1 6
Patrick NeisOrcs and Goblins 7 n/a 1 7
Keegan NorthLizardmen8 n/a 1 8
Chris NowellHigh Elves9 n/a 1 9
Les MillerDark Elves11 n/a 1 10
ken maherSkaven9 n/a 1 11
James SaxtyHigh Elves12 n/a 9 12

The next tournament on the horizon is really exciting, because its our clubs second steamroller tournament! My friend John who travelled with me to Orctoberfest, will be running the event and it should be an awesome event! It will be on Dec 4th, and with all the amazing developments on RHQ at the moment who knows what the future has in store?

Until Next time!
Adam Tremblay

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