Friday, July 15, 2011

Squigs Warmahordes Pre-Tournament Thoughts

Lets get this party started!!!


Finally the first warmachine/hordes tournament of the year is only 4 days away and I can hardly wait! I started playing warmachine around Feb 2010 last year, but our community has been slow going lately and the interest in tournaments has wanned, resulting in only 2 minor events(one even didn't become a tournament) during 2010. However this year the excitement and to some extent the ability to get the needed models, has increased and hopefully will be a more interesting warmachine/hordes year. .The tournament is a standard tournament using the new 2011 steamroller package, a 7 min turn limit and 25pts. Here are the 2 lists I will be bringing to this event.

Vice Scrutator Vindictus 6
Repenter 4ptsVanquisher 8ptsChoir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2ptsHoly Zealots (Leader and 9 Grunts) 6ptsHoly Zealot Monolith Bearer 2ptsKnights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts) 5ptsKnight Exemplar Seneschal 3ptsVassal Mechanik 1ptHigh Executioner Servath Reznik 6
Repenter 4ptsRevenger 6ptsScourge of Heresy 9ptsHierophant 2ptsChoir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2ptsHoly Zealots (Leader and 9 Grunts) 6ptsHoly Zealot Monolith Bearer 2ptsThere has been alot of talk about the many different ways to choose lists for tournaments. My goals this tournament are to challenge myself, have fun and find out the limitations of my lists. Keeping this concept in my head while writing these lists I wanted to explore the extent of what I can actually pull off at 25pts, because to be quite frank it can be limiting for menoth, because this faction relys alot on solos and Ua's to buff and support the faction; at this points limit you just can't take everything you need. But at least my opponents will be in the same boat so not too much to worry about.

Looking at the Vindictus list, I'm feeling fairly confident about it because its a variation on what I normally use in most of my games. Vindictus was my first caster and by far the one I feel most comfortable using in those difficult matchups. Looking back on my experience with Vindictus, I find that its not really him that shines during the game, but the actual unit combinations and army composition. However he really does add alot to those units allowing them to carry the weight. True path is just golden, giving my infantry speed boosts, making them speed across the board, regardless of terrain. Defenders ward will always be useful granting a model or unit some much needed DEF and ARM bonus. Other then that his functions involve me just spaming TP and DW and using the remaining focus to support my focus efficient warjacks. Pretty simple, and thats the best part because in a faction like menoth where every activation must be carefully used, Vindictus gives me a decent chance to manage my turn time and perhaps might help me later on when we start having more hardcore events locally. The Knight Exemplars are just fantastic in this army, under TP they can charge 10 inchs, allowing them to engage tougher and slower targets like warjacks. In one previous game I was able to wreak the deathjack with 3 knights, which got strength boosts thanks to their Bond of Brotherhood(2 knights had died already). The zealots I have already addressed in a previous post, in short they benefit alot from Vindictus allowing them surge up the table and swamp a control zone. The seneschal is very fun to use in this list because I can launch him into the fray early and if he happens to get killed, hopefully some other infantry die near him, allowing him to stand back up and keep on fighting. Plus having a free slam is always useful.. :) The Repenter and Vanquisher are there to simply laydown some covering fire to clear out control zones and hopefully allow me to out number my opponents.

The second list is also very interesting and this one is the most experimental out of the two. After reading Ben's post on Reznik, I do have to agree with all his points on Reznik, and in fact I believe Reznik shines in larger points games and not in 25pts. So why am I still taking him and with the scourge no less? Well for my second list I really wanted a warjack heavy force, and out of all the other menoth warjack warcasters I have the most experience using Reznik. The Revenger is truly a must have for Reznik, because his main spell, perdition will be the main delivery system for his warjacks to get into combat(or move around to lay down some sprays!). The repenter is just a great warjack and I really should take 2. Finally the scourge, I just like him and I really, really want to use him.

He has an interesting learning curve and may not be worth the effort, but thats for future postings. Combined with Iron Aggression and if he fights an upkeeped model the Scourge can potentially get 4D6 to hit(with his sword, which also has Cont Fire effect) and If I boost or charge him 4D6 Pow 18,,,,,,very nice, situational, but very nice! :) I will be having to use perdition to get the most use out of him, but maybe a zealot tarpit will give him that opening to wreak an opposing heavy or two. The heirophant is very important because I can drop the cost of perdition and give me the extra focus to boost. Pretty simple, except that Reznik can have a complicated activation and already it has been difficult to properly allocate focus or activate the support pieces during practice games. I guess I will see if I can make him work.


Thats it for now and I will have a report coming in the near future!


Also if your wondering what the heck the first picture is, its the new character warjack for Mercs, unscrambled.......its name is Rocinante.

Now its time to get ready for the tournament

Till next Time


Adam Tremblay

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