Friday, July 15, 2011

Rolling Dice Off The Table

Lets Get Rolling

Hello everyone! Its been quite a while since I've posted last and I've been itching to write some blogs posts! Now there have been several reasons why I've been unable to post recently and here they are:
-Man,... working 3pm-12am really really sucks sometimes
-Assignments galore! Its almost midterm time and on top of that I have finish some more on the job training at schools.
-Painting I've been painting like a maniac the last month so, pictures are on the way.
-I have also been to a Warhammer Fantasy tournament recently and I've been trying to write up that article, which is also on the way.
-Trent and Andrews Vassal games of epicness have been pretty great, and I should be doing a posting on that topic sometime in the near future.

Changes to the DD6 in 2011Over the break and into the month of Jan, I have been giving alot of thought to how I want to improve the quality of the DD6 and I came to several conclusions. First off, while I like the idea of the daily roll, there have been some problems with it and how it affects my willingness to write. I have the ability to come up with several unique and interesting D6 rolls, but for the most part I find that it slows down the release of my articles a fair bit. I find that when I want to write an article, I want to publish it right away;  all I want to talk about is that topic. But for some reason the D6 roll most of the time is completely independant from the main topic and I find it rather distracting to have 2 different focus in the blog posts. The issue isn't that I can't come up with different rolls, its the fact that I find it more time consuming and taxing to make each one unique and use ones that are actually real, because lets be realistic there are only so many luckly rolls in a game. Does this mean I'll never use the Daily roll again? No it means instead of posting one for every article, I will only post them on special occasions and when that roll was actually meaningfull. Second of all, I found that my original idea of matching up the dice roll to the day the article was published was a great idea, but unrealistic. With my busy schedule, I find it hard to publish large articles on a daily basis, meaning that I would usually take a while to publish an article, just because of the format I have chosen. So to make things easier for myself and my regular readers  I will stop doing that as well.

Heres a teaser of the next couple posts to come!


Till Next Time,

Adam Tremblay

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