Friday, July 15, 2011

Reclaimer,,,,,The Soul Collector

Todays Roll5+.......Invulurable saves..ok probably the best moment in 40k for me was when my greentide of 100 orks charges a warhound titan in the foot and only the warboss and nob can actually hurt the damn thing. Thanks to some earlier fire power from my team mates, the titan is at half wounds and my Warboss finishes it off with his mighty claw! We roll on the chart and low and behold it goes nuclear. Destroying almost all the models on the table except for my warboss?.......Thanks 5+ inv save :D

The Reclaimer


He's the ultimate RepomanOk lately I've been trying many different ways to incorp the Scourge of Heresy into my army, but the constant issue that I have with him is that I never have enough focus to make him awesome, he spends one to charge, one for his imprint and the last one for another attack or save for arcane vortex. Basically my other warjacks suffer and get no love and my warcasters 6 focus doesn't cut it. I've considered other warcasters that have high focus like both sevvys and the harby of menoth, but when I look at their spells and abilities they make it seem pointless to have Scourge since they already complete alot of his functions, making him an expensive Crusader. Now I really love the Scourge model and he still has potential....then it dawned on me....why not use a Reclaimer Solo!

Now Stat's wise he's nothing special, he'll be luckly to survive any engagement, but what is cool is that his weapon has reach and the continuous fire effect..But where this model really shines is in the focus management department. When a friendly model dies from an enemy attack, collateral damage or continuous effect, this guy gains a soul token if they are within his Cmd range. Unlike the Testament of Menoth, who also gains souls the same way, this model can actually store them over several turns. Where as the ToM has to immediately turn them into focus during your turn. Note if you decide to use both in the same list, each model only produces one soul, so the ToM and Reclaimer can't both take it.

The reclaimer can store up to 5 souls at any given time and if its within 5 inchs of a friendly warjack it can transfer souls and turn them into focus for the warjack. The last ability is also worth pointing out is the Soulstorm ability which is automatically active as long as the reclaimer has 1 soul token. If an enemy model enters, ends or starts within 2 inchs of the Reclaimer, that model takes an automatic damage point.....BOOM.

What Kind of Army wants a Reclaimer?

The way I see the reclaimer being used is in any infantry horde army, where your warjacks can be supported by the reclaimers and the warcaster can buff their units. I found this combo works very well with Scourge and has made him very effective, I plan on using him in a Reznik list so that I can bond him and get up 4 focus on the SoH. Most PoM players will call the Reclaimer the unoffical UA for Knights exemplar errants, and Temple Flameguard. He stays far back soaking in the souls of his comrades and in turn feeding nearby warjacks, then in a critical turn rushes up and opens up charge lanes for objective wins or caster kills. All in all, this solo is very much underated and I'm surprised I don't hear more about them.
Thats all for now, and Till next Time.
Adam Tremblay

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