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Re-Rolling 6's, June 29th

It's time to make that game winning roll. You Pray to the Dice Gods and to Lady Averages. You throw the dice FTW!~!~ And it's a SIX!~ Too bad though....... it's stuck on your lucky penny.



In the event of unscheduled news or late weekend reports, here's Re-Rolling 6's.......

CONTROL, ALT......Refresh?

Hello everyone! The Tournament/weekend update has been held back Way too long. And to make it short and simple heres a point form diagram about my failure to update.......

- Forgot to take Pictures
- Planing for the big move to the University
- BUDGET, BUDGET, and BUDGET!~ (Thanks  mom :)
-Warmachine Wrath finally came out OMG OMG OMG!~!~
- This article got deleted when I accidently forgot to save, while refreshing the page >_<
- Storm of Magic is coming out.......OMG WRATH IS OUT!~ :D

Here are the highlights:
-The Warshinx, like a total boss destroys a unit of 29 bloodletters and herald
-The Wraiths hold up the chariots and proceed kill them and the archers behind them.
-One flamer remains for Reggie's entire army
-The clanrats kill off the ghouls and most of Kelsey's forces

When playing the game it felt much closer then the final results would suggest. We seemed to be in the lead, until the end when Reilys Hierophant gets killed, therefore taking off the last wounds from the Warshinx. Our opponents win by 300 odd points and claim the win. Not a great way to start, but we both learned alot from that game and how to change it as well.

Game 2

In this game I kid you not we played a double Tomb Kings list. So basically there was 3 Tk armies and my Skaven, so it became pretty easy to learn the variety of TK playstyles, just from the game alone. Since every player approached it differently. Reily had an offensive counter attack playstyle, with archers and a warpshinx. Jeremy had similar style as well, but had more chariots and the CASKET of SOULS. The last fellow(I am very sorry about forgetting your name (FACEPalm)_) used Tomb guard and chariots.

-We deployed the Big beastys in the center to be the spearhead of our forces and this worked very well.
-It was meeting engagement and my clanrats didn't show up, but this worked to our advantage, since their armies moved up and basically allowed us to deploy behind their armies.
-As a direct result their archers turned to face the unit of rats, but now the Warshinx had a chance to get a charge off. At 17 inchs away. :D
-The rest was pretty simple, they got a magic vortex off and killed some slaves and the hellpit got shot, but then killed some stuff. The warsphinx cleaned up the other units, giving us a good lead in points.
-Their chariots fought ours, stuff broke and didn't flee, etc.

It was a really interesting game, because I was able to observe the basic fundamentals of the TK army from three multiple perspectives. Of course Jeremy and company were fantastic fellows to play against and I can't wait for future games :D.

Game 3

Now I will say that we were tight on time during this game. However we got to play against darnell(ringer) who brought double beastmen. Since the game was battle for the pass, deployment was interesting, because darnell basically had to advance, so in a way it played to our strengths. We had more shooting and offensive magic, so we could play the waiting game.

-Warsphinx being held up for 3 turns by a chariot, LOL
-Slaves getting into combat, just to get burned on by the warpfire thrower
-Gors passing basic Ld tests for Hatred, but failing panic tests; even with a re-roll
-Hellpit getting beaten up by mindrazored gors, and dying :(
-Hellpit doesn't come back...
-Exploding Slaves killing off chariots
-13th spell kills a unit of 12 to net us the win.

This was a fun game, but way too short unfortunately. Thanks again for darnell for running the tournament and for putting up with us during the game, making beastman aids jokes......again sorry :)

-Tomb Kings Special Choices Part 2 review......any guesses on what lame joke/theme is going to be used. Credit will be given to anyone who guesses correctly before then on this article.

-Mystery Box.....hum spoiler...................................................................................................................................................................................***** The hint is within the points. Also it has nothing to do with the TK special; yes I am using 2 very lame jokes for these articles.

-Tomb Kings Rare Choices review. WHAT? maybe it really depends if I have time, but if I do expect to see it later during the weekend. But I am at -6 too bad for people in the future time periods.

Well thats all for tonight, remember you can contact me on Twitter @ATT64 or on my email

Till Next Time




Adam Tremblay



Reily's amazing Warsphinx that he used during the doubles.

Rather then posting a list with specifics I will use a general overview of what we took. My list wasn't that "special" I figured we both needed powerful magic, since I didn't take much shooting and he is well....playing Tomb Kings? So we both took a level 4. He took a Tomb prince on a chariot with three others, and two units of archers; being two different sizes. I took one big unit of clanrats with a BSB and engineer(Not a wizard) with the good old doom and gloom rocket. I filled out the rest of the list with two units of slaves, and one warp fire thrower. Lastly we both included a monster in both lists, because again at 1000pts, they can be game changing and hopefully with the aid of the stormbanner, they could get into combat with little damage. Reily took a warsphinx and I took the good old hellpit. In hindsight it would have been better to take the doomwheel instead.....

Game 1

Well this first game was rather significant because it was against the winners of the tournament(oops spoiler :) Kelsey and Reggie. Who happen to be good old friends and what better way to start the tournament. Kelsey was rocking Vampire counts, which to be truly honest is very difficult at 1000pts. The only real significant thing about his army list was that he took a unit of wraths with an ethereal vampire thrall. Reggie was also jamming out with his Daemons of chaos, which mike has shown plenty of pictures for his own article. Make sure to check that out as well

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