Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Protectorate of Menoth

Today's roll: 7+? Hard to believe that you can roll a 7 on a 6 sided dice. In warhammer fantasy however, as a direct result of shooting modifiers a unit may need a 7+ to actually hit anything. Have no fear though because GW allows you to roll a 6+ first and then a 4+ to actually hit with a 7. With my skaven slaves I tend to use slings alot, and when all is said and done I need 7's or 8's to hit. Sure the chances of me actually doing damage is unlikely, but I do have several units and each unit can have 20 shots, and 40 if I go 10 wide. I've killed chaos knights, support units and even sniped giants and other monsters. Best 1/2 point upgrade.....EVER!

The Protectorate of MenothHeres some pictures of my menoth army at the moment, not the best picture quality but its all I got until I get a newer camera. I would like to a run down on the protectorate army in a future posting.

Heres my army so far:



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