Thursday, July 14, 2011

Orktoberfest, Skaven, and Flames of War?

Todays Dice Roll: 2+. So many times when you need to roll this value your mind is thinking 3 things: 1) Sweet this dice roll is in the bag, 2) All I need to win is to not roll a one....3)@#$t its going to be a one!! One funny instance for example was when my one friend fires his plasma gun(40k, Imperial Guard) with his army general and I quote "All I need to kill your tau battlesuit is to not roll a one....." the room is quite and then its a 1! Sure this event happens all the time, but the look on my friend's face and the vocab that came out of his mouth afterwords as his guy decides to shoot himself in the process and kills...... Priceless, ;)

Other Nuss

"Ok I've had my skaven for a long time and its high time I started painting all of the models! Now!"(1 week and 1/2 ago).

On Saturday October 2nd-3rd I'll be heading out of town to participate in the Orktoberfest Tournament in Prince George, B.C and I can hardly wait to use my skaven in my first large tournament(hopefully) using 8th edition rules.

Myself and 2 other friends are road tripping there and we have a tale of 4 gamers ( ok 3) going on. I'm using my current skaven army and at the time nothing was painted or base coated. That was a week and 1/2 ago. I called my journey "200 rats in 2 weeks" with 4 days left how did I do? Take a look for yourself.....


The goal was to have it all finished before the orktoberfest tournament in less then 2 weeks time. I think I accomplished that. One funny moment was when I said "Ok I'm going to sit here and just paint,.... nothing else" I grabbed some food, drink and turned on the T.V. I finished around 1am and painted 82 clanrats in one sitting....ouch, man do I hate the colours red and brown now, lol. On another quick note, I watched a game of Flames of War a while back, which showcased what type of armies you can field. In this case it was an elite German army vs a horde Russian. Wondering what that looks like? Here you go...

Anyways I'll be busy for the next bit so my next blog post and article will take a while to write after Orktoberfest is finished (school work needs to be done).
Later Folks.

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