Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Orctoberfest!!!

Todays roll: 4+....ok so its not actually the right roll, but I started it on thursday-today so thats why its 4+. We all have moments where we roll for a 50% chance, today I had to roll several 4+ ward saves to prevent my screaming bell from being destroyed...for the most part I was successful, until he made me reroll the results due to his chaos lords ability....oh well thats just how it goes.
Now that it has been a week since I've been to the tournament, I now have the time to recall the actual weekend. So John, mike and myself start travelling on friday around 1pm, and we end up in Prince George around 8pm. Once we get to the hotel where the tournament is being held we go to check in, at that time an open door catches my I go take a look and I manage to find the hall where the tournament is being held. The TO jose and the others had began to setup terrain and we engage in small talk, but I realize that I should be paying at the Anyway so I go back and the desk lady says: "Oh I see you found where the chess tournament is being held.".....! In my head, my inner warhammer nerd is getting strangled....I wanted to say "Well actually its a tournament for intellectual wargamers, using varied miniatures that we have crafted ourselves for hours on end". Thankfully I was able to restrain myself long enough from totally nerding out and just simply smiled....Q_Q.

At a 2500pts level its really amazing that we were able to play 4 games in one day and rather quickly. One aspect of the tournament that should not be underappreciated is that fact we got served breakfest and lunch on both days. It was at a great cost to the TO Jose and I thank him again for all the effort to put on the event. I went to Orctoberfest for the simple desire to have fun and meet new people, and I not only did that but I actually won something!
The Trip home was ok, and funny because Mike's GPS had only one road to follow home and it kept giving us the wrong information, lol. I guess machines can lie after all.

Below are some more pictures of the event and this time they are from Jose's photo album. If you guys like comics about physic's class check out Jose's webcomic Thanks again to Jose and everyone who went to the tournament! Hope to see you guys at an event in the near future.


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