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Exemplar Errants, Magic Crossbows! FTW

Todays Roll6+.....Channeled a power dice! ..........Another weird addition to the game of Warhammer Fantasy is the inclusion of the channeling special rule for magic users. Basically when you roll for the winds of magic, all mages roll one dice to see if they generate an additional power/dispel dice, on a roll of a 6+. This rule is interesting, but weird because typically this extra dice is rare and isn't always a factor in most games. Needless to say though it can be a nice surprise when it happens though.

Exemplar Knight Errants


Take all Comers
I love the Exemplar Errant unit, its fast, hits hard and has a beautiful ranged attack. They are the only Exemplar unit that can reach ten memebers and to add insult to injury they can have a UA to boost their size to twelve! All that for 10pts, an investment for sure, but one well spent. Lets look at the unit.

Elite CommandosThis unit has a variety of bells and whistles for sure, but where this unit really shines is in its special rules. Advance Deployment is a huge advantage for a unit like this, it enables them to be deployed last and 6 inchs farther up, making them great for seizing the intuitive and claiming objectives early in the game. When combined with the Warcasters Vice Scrutator Vindictious or the Harbringer of Menoth, you can see this unit reach an objective on turn one. Next being Exemplars they are also fearless, allowing them to hold their ground regardless of what hits them. Next the self-sacrifice special rule allows any errant to save their brothers in arms by taking the blow instead. Any errant within three inchs can allow the friendly model hit to heal one damage box and take one themselves. (NOTE: Because you are basically killing your own model you DO NOT recieve a soul token (Reclaimers)) This rule can help keep your UA around longer and allow the unit to prevent possible charge lanes from occuring. Lastly the UA adds some major benefits to the unit, the officer gives the unit: Tactics: Quickwork and Tactics: Pathfinder. Why is the Tactics part important, because when it is a tactic the unit has the ability even if the officer dies(They've been trained, obviously). Pathfinder's uses are obvious, allowing the unit to storm any objective and quickwork is a bit more subtle. When an errant kills a model in melee and is no longer engaged, it can proceed to shoot at another enemy model outside of combat (the -4 melee does not apply) this allows the errants to shoot at important solos behind a shield wall. Finally the Standard allows the unit to not be targeted by enemy spells, making this unit very hard to kill with certain armies( Retribution, Cryx).

Menoth's Blessed Bloody Weapons!

Ok first up, they have a POW 9 sword, which at first is alright but the fact that this unit has weaponmaster(EXEMPLARS :p ) makes up for this. With a possible 4 D6 on the Charge this unit can kill any infantry model and damage tough ones. They can beat up light warjacks fairly easy, but where the Buzz kill comes in, is from the Heavy warjacks.... :( Unless buffed in some truly amazing way, the errants usually just bounce off heavies. Next up the Beautiful and another great reason to take errants is for their magical crossbows....yes magical. They can shoot the crap out of incorpreal models and to add insult to injury they are also blessed meaning that any spell buff on a unit that boosts their arm or def is ignored. The errants profile is also noteworthy because they have the same armour as Bastions and have more memebers in the unit.

Apparently knights with magic crossbows have issues as well.

Now while I have hyped up the knights a bit there are some significant downsides to the unit as well. Even though there price is fair and probably a little undercosted, at 10pts but they still cost a fair amount of points and are still an investment. To get the most out of the knights, you NEED to earn your points back with the unit if you don't then your in big trouble. Next while they can be fairly tough, they lack shield wall and battle line, meaning cheaper basic infantry (Houseguard, Flameguard and to some extent winter guard) can bog down this unit quickly. The Errants like many units in Warmachine/hordes need to charge when the opportunity presents it's self, which can be a big issue when they have POW 10 crossbows. Charge in and hope to kill the unit/model on the charge or sit back and hope I shoot the enemy enough before getting counter charged. This choice can make or break a game, use the unit as a tarpit or as second way counter-charge. Lastly any method that can kill massive amounts of one wound infantry, can kill errants.......damn scrapjack.......!
In Conclusion
The Errants are a solid unit choice for any Menoth player, they combine many different elements of the game and are a fantastic objective holding unit. Menoth has many different kinds of tarpits and elite troop choices, but without a doubt the errants are a powerful edition to any menoth army.

Till Next Time
Adam Tremblay.

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